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Kevin Amolsch 
Pine Financial Group 


Saturday November 3, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM MDT

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PPA Event Center 
2105 Decatur Street
Denver, CO 80211

Driving Directions 

Real Estate Investor Success Summit Fall 2012 

Join Pine Financial Group, Your Castle Real Estate, Tom Martino, and 400 other investors and vendors for a one of a kind event.


Tom Martino




You told us this is the best real estate event of the year so let's do it again!!!   Please join us for another FULL DAY real estate education event with NO SALES PITCHES!!!  Once again we will have several speakers in breakout sessions so you can choose what you will learn.  This time our focus is the most important skill to your success.  How To Find Real Estate Deals!!


If you have joined us in the past for the Success Summit you know this is the must attend event in town. If this is your first time, come see why! 

Are you tired of going to free real estate education events full of fluff?   

Are you sick of people on stage teaching nothing and selling everything?

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to find more real estate deals then you can handle
  • How to value property so you never need the help of an appraiser or Realtor again
  • Creative ways to find and close on real estate deals without using any of your own money
  • Updates to the local market and how how it might actually be possible to time the market for huge profits
  • Finding deals before anyone else knows about them
  • Buying properties at the foreclosure auctions
  • Turn key real estate is right for some people.  Is it right for you?
  • Dealing with owners and getting deals done BEFORE they ever hit the MLS
  • How you can quit working for the man and do what you love for the rest of your life 

Plus get a chance to network with local expert speakers, vendors and guests that can help you accelerate your business and become the super investor you have wanted to be.

Real Estate is the #1 Fastest and Easiest Way to wealth and has proven to be a money maker for some of the richest people in the world!!


How would you like to learn about real estate from local experts including one well known real estate investor and radio host?  Learn from people on the ground in Colorado that are out there doing deals and making money today.  Free up your calendar on November 3rd 2012 because that is exactly what you are going to get!  Pine Financial Group, Inc and Your Castle Real Estate are teaming up to bring you a one of a kind content-rich event AGAIN!!! We're providing the Steak, not the Sizzle. A full day of education and networking!!!

Click Here to Register For Only $1010 dola

Last fall we had over 400 attend our event.  This event has proven to be the "go to" event in Colorado for real estate investors.  There is no larger or better local event.

Registration begins at 8:00 am and the action starts at 8:30.  You will hear from a handful of hand selected local experts with no sales pitches, period.  We want to help you accomplish your goals.  Please understand that we make our money doing deals not selling books and tapes. 

We continue to improve the event with prior ateendees feedback, giving you the investor, the most up-to date information from professionals in your very own market. The feedback continues to be postitive as each event improves with more choices, better logistics and on-site food options.  

We have THREE motivations for taking the time and money to practically give this away. 

  1. It is important to give back to the community that has helped us become successful
  2. We want to grow our network and meet new people
  3. We are raising money for a local charity

This event has changed people lives.  Check out what some past attendees have to say about the Investor Success Summit:

"This Success Summit is an amazing opportunity to learn, network, and grow your business.  I look forward to attending in November and you should too!  Sign up now, you will be happy you did."

Aaron Lebovic
Director - Denver Board of Realtors

"It was fantastic! I was a beginning investor with only one property struggling to find the financing for my second deal. I’ve since closed 4 more deals that I wouldn’t have been able to do without Pine Financial. Also the networking opportunities have been great. Being able to discuss deals with other investors, find contractors and property managers has been crucial in allowing us to grow our investment portfolio."

Scott Eskridge

Mortgage Broker, Leader One Financial

"The Investor Success Summit was a powerful networking event for me and my company.  The educational value from the speakers was great and really opened my eyes to how I can improve and expand my business.  It was also the best networking event that I have been to in years.  Every person I spoke to, including vendors, added value to my business and I was seen as a value to theirs.  As a wholesaler, I could not have asked for a better event."

John Brokken, Investor

I'd like to thank Kevin, John, Charles, and all their presenters for putting on an excellent conference.  Whether you're an experienced investor or just getting started you'll find something useful.  No sales pitches, no "gurus", just timely information for investors trying to make money here and now.

Jon Holdman, Investor


Check just a few of our expert speakers:

Tom Martino

He is known as "The Troubleshooter" by millions of loyal fans!
His dynamic action-packed radio show can be heard on radio stations across America.  Over the span of his career, Tom has recovered millions of dollars for consumers in cash, merchandise, exchanges, refunds and services.

In addition to his career in journalism, Tom is a sought-after consultant on customer service. Top corporate executives from around the country have attended his popular seminars. .Martino began his career at a small newspaper in upstate New York. While at the "Catskill Daily Mail" he began one of the first consumer action columns in the country. In 1976 Tom expanded into radio and television.

He also has a passion for real estate investing where he has made and lost millions.  He will be sharing with you what he did to make his millions and the mistakes he made to lose it all.  He also wants to share his experience in real estate lending and how you can protect yourself from the ruthless banks. 

Kevin Amolsch

Kevin Amolsch has a background in finance and real estate. He received his degree in finance after serving four years in the US Military. He has since been a part of over 500 real estate transactions as a buyer, a seller or as a mortgage consultant.  He now has a rental portfolio of more than 50 residential units across Colorado, Missouri and Tennessee.  He has been in real estate and mortgages for the last 11 years.  He also has extensive knowledge and experience in the secondary mortgage markets and working with real estate investors in Colorado and Minnesota.  He is the founder of Pine Financial Group, Inc and has been quoted in the Denver Post, Yahoo Real Estate, and Las Vegas Review Journal.

Kevin will be going back to the basics where you will learn how to find home run deals that no one else knows about.  You will leave knowing exact steps to take to locate deals that are not listed anywhere including the MLS and Craigslist.  Whether you are a wholesaler, rehabber or landlord you will learn to double or triple your business by picking up just one of many ideas Kevin will share. 

Lon Welsh

Lon Welsh is the President of Your Castle Real Estate.  It has 350+ Realtors across the metro area, with four offices.  Your Castle was Denver’s second largest independent brokerage in 2011, with over $350 million of sales.  He spends most of his time on sales and technology training for his team.  He just finished his sixth book, The 2013 Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing.  Before founding Your Castle in 2006, he spent eight years as a strategy consultant with Deloitte and Touche, then Arthur Andersen.  His undergraduate degree is in business from the University of Iowa, and he has an MBA from Vanderbilt.

  • Common Sense Advice for Apartment Investing You will learn:
  • When and how is it possible to get a “deal” on an apartment?
  • How do apartment cap rates compare to single family and condos?
  • How do apartment cap rates compare to other commercial asset classes such as office and retail?
  •  How can you “add value” to an apartment to optimize its cash flow and sale price?
  • What is the most important mistake to avoid when selling?
  •  What is the most important mistake to avoid when buying?

You will also learn how to buy and apartment how to price them and analyze them.  He will share some of his past mistakes so you can avoid them and some of the things he has been able to accomplish with his investing. 

Charles Roberts

Charles Roberts is co-owner and Managing Broker of Your Castle Real Estate, Inc. He is a registered appraiser, licensed Realtor, and a former loan officer. He has invested in Denver real estate for the past 14 years, completing dozens of fix up projects along the way, and currently manages his own portfolio of properties in Denver Metro. His specialty is helping investors buy bank-owned and short sale cash flow properties. 

He is a frequent lecturer on the Denver real estate market and is quoted regularly by the Denver Post, 5280 Magazine, Money Magazine, and the Denver Business Journal.  He co-hosted a local real estate radio show and appears regularly on NBC’s 9 News, ABC’s News7, Colorado Public Radio, and Nightline to help make sense of the state of Denver real estate. He is also a Director at the 5000-person Denver Metro Association of Realtors and co-authored the book “The 2013 Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing.”

This class provides an analytical overview of the major real estate trends in our Denver Metro residential market, specifically honing in on the Denver sub-market. Property records and data are reviewed at many different levels (neighborhood, zip code, town, region, etc.) in order to gain a deep understanding of the local real estate conditions. In addition, we compare historical data with current economic data to try to predict what lies ahead. You will leave this session with a solid understanding of the residential and income housing market in and around Denver and which areas have had the best and worst appreciation.

Aaron Lebovic

 Aaron Lebovic is a third generation real estate investor, an expert in distressed real estate, and was recently a Director at the Denver Metro Association of Realtors.  Over the past 10 years of active investing, Aaron has negotiated, managed, and coordinated transactions on over 130 properties in 4 states, totaling over $23 Million in value.

Where is the inventory?  Where are the secret unlisted deals?  In this fast paced and action packed class, Aaron will cover 8 ways to find and make deals throughout the foreclosure timeline; and explain what investors, real estate brokers, and the public needs to know.

Travis Sperr

Travis Sperr became a licensed real estate agent in Colorado after earning a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing from the University of Northern Colorado. He joined Pine Financial Group in 2009 as a Business Development and Loan Officer and is now a frequent contributor to Pine Financial Group’s monthly newsletter and blog. Travis was fortunate enough to grow up around construction and real estate investing while working for his father’s company. He now holds and manages a growing portfolio of rental properties in the Denver-metro area with his wife, Natalie. Participating in real estate everyday in more than 200 transactions as a hard money lender, landlord, agent and investor, Travis has found his true passion for the business.

Jon Cole

Jon launched his career in real estate in 2002 supporting successful Realtors® across Colorado.  In 2006 Jon founded RealtyTMS® to provide a premier Transaction Management Solution for Realtors®.  His insight into what every real estate agent needs to grow to the next level, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, has allowed him to create success in business.  To further his expertise, stay up to date on industry and market changes, and continue to understand more fully the needs of Realtors® Jon became a Realtor®  himself in May 2007.  Jon has since authored the CE Course “7 Keys to Short Sale Success” and presents the class regularly.

Monica Graves

Monica has been Licensed in real estate for the past 15 years working in both Georgia and Colorado.  She also opened her own successful Mortgage Company, Worldtree Financial Services, in 2002, and sold it in 2007.  She has been investing in Real Estate since 1989 and has invested in Georgia, Florida, and Colorado.  She is the Employing Broker for Your Castle Mountain Properties located in Vail, CO, as well as a Managing Broker for its sister company, Your Castle Real Estate, located in Denver. Her goals are to help her clients become successful with the ever changing market by keeping up with current Real Estate trends and market statistics.  Her specialties include: Short Sales, Bank owned property, Real Estate Investments, Buy and Hold Strategies, and Fix and Flips.

Andy Bacon

As the founding member of The Bacon Group and a full-time real estate investor since 2004, Andy Bacon has completed hundreds of Wholesale Transactions and more than 50 Fix & Flips. He was also an integral force in the success of one of the largest Real Estate Investment Clubs in Colorado (IRROC), as well as a current Baron’s Member & National Coach for the Flip2Freedom Academy. The Bacon Group’s purpose is to provide Real Estate Investors with a steady supply of Wholesale Properties, Turn-Key Investments and Discounted Notes, as well as teaching Investors of all levels how to Wholesale Properties for big profits. We have taught over 200 students, bought and sold over $10,000,000 in real estate, all by utilizing no money down techniques!  So, whether you are looking to maximize your investment dollars through Turn-Key investments and Discounted Notes or are trying to replace your current income through Wholesaling - The Bacon Group is here to assist you.

Panel of Experts

This is going to be a panel like you have never seen.  One of the most important skills as an investor is property valuation.  How about practicing your skills and letting a panel of experts tell you what they did to come up the a value on the same property?  What better way to get hands on training then to listen to a panel analyse a deal that you have also looked at? We will send you a sample proeprty before the event for you to come up with a value and than let the panel looseto share their opinions on that deal.  You will learn the steps they take to get the correct comps and adjusting those comps to come up with accurate data.  Never get hurt on a real estate deal because of a bad value again! 

You get all this PLUS some very special Bonuses for just $10.00

Just one idea from one speaker or one attendee can make you $15,000 or more before the end of the year!


By giving up $10 and one little Saturday you can change your financial life forever.  Imagine a life without money to worry about:

  • No need to worry about living pay check to pay check
  • Have a cusion of money in your bank account to fall back on
  • No more answering to a boss and showing up to work on time
  • No more stress about driving in traffic
  • Go where you want when you want
  • Donate to a charity or start your own
  • Live in a big house with a big car and live a big life
  • Live FREE!!!

Life is good when you are on top and we can help you get there. 

It is time to take control of you financial life.  It is so simple and it starts with this event.  The is no better value on real estate education PERIOD.  We talk to people all the time that have spent $20,000 to $30,000 to learn less then half of what they will learn at this event.  This type of event normally sells for $1,000 to $2,000 but you wont pay near that.   We make no money from this so we just need to raise enough to cover our costs and share some with a charity.  You will get this entire event with bonuses for just TEN BUCKS!

Learn from and network with top local experts for just $10 and you will be helping a charity!

Here is our promise to you.  If you dont think this is the absolute best real estate invent in Denver we will give you 100% of you money back no questions asks.  That means you get the entire day of eduction and networking with no sales pitches FREE.  There is NO RISK to attend and everything to gain. 

FREE Bonuses just for showing up!

And for registering and actually showing up each person will get:

  • 2013 Guide To Colorado Real Estate Investing (150 page book)
  • Special Report "Increase Profits. How to increase profits on every deal you deal you do

The bonuses alone are worth more than you pay to come.  

Hope to see you there.