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Jim DiDomenico 
Minocqua Winter Park & Nordic Center 


Saturday March 2, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM CST

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Minocqua Winter Park & Nordic Center 
7543 Squirrel Hill Rd.
Minocqua, WI 54548

Driving Directions 

Race Cost;  

*Before January 1st = 24k-$30, 10k-$20, 24k Relay-$50, 10k Relay-$35, 10k (under 18yr.)- $15, 10k (under 18yr.) Relay-$25.


    *Between Jan. 1st and Feb. 28 =           24k Individual -$40   -    24k Relay - $60   10k Individual - $25   -   10k Relay - $40   Special 10k Pricing for 18yr. and under      10k Individual - $15   -  10k Relay - $25


*After February 28th = 24k-$50, 10k-$30, 24k Relay-$70, 10k Relay-$45, 10k (under 18yr.)- $20, 10k (under 18yr.) Relay-$35.

Taking the place of the long standing Lakeland Loppet will be the fresh new Squirrel Hill Pursuit (SHP)!  The S.H.P. will be three races;

1) A 24k continuous pursuit race for individuals and 2 person teams,

2) A 10k continuous pursuit race for individuals and 2 person teams, and

3) a 2k 'Beat the Bunny and Subdue the Squirrel' Kids race.

For those unfamiliar with 'continuous pursuit' format races, it'll go like this.  Waves of skiers will be sent out for a lap (10k during the 24k race and 4k during the 10k race) using classic or diagonal stride technique. The skiers will then ski into an exchange zone and change their skis and poles to skating gear and ski a lap (14k during the 24k race and 6k during the 10k race) using the skate technique.  Combined times of the classic + switch + skate are used for the final standings.  Those who will be participating in the relay version will use the exchange zone as a simple tag zone after the first skier's classic lap to have the second skier start their skate lap of the race. 

The race will be chip timed by the professionals at iTiming and awards will be presented to women and men in the following age categories;  24k Individuals - 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+.  The 10k Individuals race will have the same age categories with these added younger level of 14 and under, and 15-19.  In the Relay Division there will be a Men's Race, Women's Race, and a Mixed (one male and one female) Race broken down into the following (combined age of the two teammates) categories in the 24k; 36 and under, 37-50, 51- 100, and 101+.  In the 10k Relay Division the age categories will be 27 yrs. and under, 28-36, 37-100, and 101+.

 If you'd like to participate on a relay team but don't have a partner, email us at info@minocquawinterpark.org and let us know what technique you'd like to ski and we'll get you hooked up with a partner who'd like to race the opposite technique.

T-Shirts will be given to the first 100 registered competitors in the Pursuit Races       (2 shirts for relay teams)!

CLICK HERE to Register for the Squirrel Hill Pursuit

                 Course Maps & Information

SHP 24k CL Course

The skate courses (both 10k and 24k race) will begin up along the edge of the southwestern tree line, up Squirrel Hill, past the snowshoe trail and Beaver Pond return entrances, to the downhill side of Squirrel's Tail trail.SHP 24k Skate Course

SHP 10k CL Course

SHP 10k Skate Course

SHP Stadium Plan

The Gear Transition Zone will be a first come first served zone (open at 6:30am) to set up your equipment change area.  The lane inbetween the red v-board will be kept open for skiers exiting the area, and the outside area of that zone will be for you to set up your skating gear.  Your chip will start at the start line, give you a split time for your classic leg, and give you a final finish time.  

All waves are self seeded.  Faster skiers should go in the earlier waves of their respected race.  

Here is the race start schedule;

Wave 1 9:00am 24k Individuals

Wave 2 9:03am 24k Individuals

Wave 3 9:06am 24k Individuals

Wave 4 9:09am 24k Relay Teams

Wave 5 9:12am 10k Individuals

Wave 6 9:15am 10k Individuals

Wave 7 9:18am 10k Relay Teams