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Emerge: Counseling & Education to Stop Domestic Violence 
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Thursday March 7, 2013 at 8:00 AM EST
Friday March 8, 2013 at 5:00 PM EST

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Emerge: Main Office 
2464 Massachusetts Ave.
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Emerge: Counseling and Education to Stop Domestic Violence

  Advanced Group Skills Training

March 7-8, 2013

2464 Massachusetts Ave. Suite 101

Cambridge, MA 02140


13 CEUs for Social Workers,

Substance Abuse Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists,

and Mental Health Counselors!


This training is for people who have attended an Emerge Introductory training* and want to continue to educate themselves on how to work with abusers. This training is designed to help improve counselor skills.

*Counselors who have attended a different power & control model training (such as Duluth) may attend, but we recommend that participants attend an introductory Emerge course first. For more information about our Introductory Training, click here.

Topics Include:

    -Detailed analysis of later-stage group interventions

    -How to address challenging cases encountered when working with abusers. Individual client  cases, overall group issues, and problems related to agency policies are discussed.

    -Discussion of new and developing educational activities, strategies, and interventions

    -Viewing Emerge group sessions on DVD to examine specific interventions

    -Discussion of strengths and limitations of certain group leader styles

    -Expanded discussion of parenting issues for abusers

    -More examples of specific activities that can be conducted during the "Doing a Turn" exercise

    -Advanced role-playing exercises


Tuition for this course is $200, and 13 continuing education credits are offered. This training may be conducted as an out-of-state training.


Course Faculty
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David Adams, Ed.D., is Co-founder and Co-Director of Emerge.  David has 30 years of experience working with men who batter and six years experience facilitating parenting education groups. He has published numerous articles about domestic violence. David is past Co-Chair of the Justice and Accountability (Criminal Justice) Committee of the Massachusetts Commission on Sexual and Domestic Violence and current member of the Governor's Council on Domestic and Sexual Violence. David has done training in over 36 states and 12 nations.  He currently leads an ongoing group at Emerge.


Susan Cayouette, Ed.D., is Co-Director at Emerge. Susan has been a group leader and clinical supervisor at Emerge for 23 years and a mental health clinician for 14 years. She has lectured around the United States and four countries on work with victims and abusers, and has authored articles on women who work with batterers, lesbians who batter, and the connections between battering and substance abuse. Susan also currently leads two ongoing groups at Emerge.


Ted German, Ph.D., is Director of Training at Emerge. Ted has 22 years of experience working on domestic violence issues. He began co-facilitating groups at Emerge in 1987 and was Counseling Coordinator and Co-Director of Emerge from 1991-1993. From 1994 until his return to Emerge in 2002, Ted was a group leader and supervisor for two other abuser programs. In addition to his training duties, Ted currently leads an ongoing group at Emerge.