Meg Benedicte 
Soulful Services LLC 
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Wednesday December 12, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM PST

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12:12:12 Quantum Shift Global Meditation

12:12:12 is the day of alignment with all 12 dimensions of the Universe....the sacred geometry of Union! On this day the cosmic portal opens throughout the galaxy for access to higher dimensional realms of consciousness.

Join Meg Benedicte with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and StarSeeds to  usher in a New Earth paradigm for all life on the planet.

Day: Wednesday, December 12th 2012

Time: 5:00pm PT/ 8:00pm ET in US/Canada

Registration Fee $10

Registration will be closed on Wednesday, December 12th at 4pm PT, so please do not wait to the last minute!

Login information will be automatically emailed upon registration. To ensure you receive the automatic email with Access Codes and Download links at time of purchase, please grant permission to receive emails from sender: Event recording will be available at the URL you receive upon registration.