2011 Seattle Basket Brigade


Les Berenson MD
Seattle Basket Brigade 


Setup:     Fri.  Nov. 16, 2012 at 2 - 5 PM
BB Event  Sat  Nov. 17, 2012    11- 5 PM

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When you RSVP - you will be notified of our location.

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Driving Directions

7th Annual - 2012 Seattle Basket Brigade 


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Link to this page that you can give to someone else so they can RSVP: 

RSVP : (3 different events - details below)
Friday preset up - RSVP-Click Here
Saturday Basket Brigade - RSVP - Click Here 
Volunteer party - RSVP - Click Here  


Checks: Please make checks out to : "Seattle Basket Brigade" 
Mail to : 6603 Aurora Ave No, Seattle, WA 98103

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ONE week left for you to RSVP for the Basket Brigade

Our 7th annual Seattle Basket Brigade is LESS than 1 week away.
Sat. Nov. 17th (11-5) with the Volunteer Party that evening 7-10 PM

IMPORTANT -  RSVP links are - above and below 

- Only those who plan ahead & RSVP will know our location. 

People who RSVP :
A) Eat the volunteer 
food 1st (Later volunters will eat if food still available)   If you have friends --> give them this website 
for all the details:

B) Get priority to deliver baskets

(Remember - last year 150 guests who had not RSVP showed up -
there was not enough food to feed the volunters or baskets to deliver)

People who donate will get priority in delivering


 - We lost our major funding and almost had to cancel our Basket Brigade.

- Please make your donation and RSVP for the event - NOW so we can plan.
This is a huge project and we need your help to plan ahead.

Last year we raised $12,000 and were able to assemble 300 baskets
to feed approximately 1500 people . Today we are only at $7000.

Lets rally, everyone help raise the funds needed and do it again.


To get involved - PLEASE follow these guidelines CLOSELY:

Please RSVP on any / all of the 3 events BELOW (if coming) - 

Come join us - please consider donating and / or volunteering your time. 
We have amazing food from incredible restaurants donated for the volunteers at both the Basket Brigade and the party that evening.


Les Berenson MD
Coordinator of Seattle Basket Brigade
206 290-0409

1) TO GET INVOLVED  - RSVP at the 3 different events
2) Volunteer events
3) Donations - see below
4) Pictures and Videos of previous events 


Volunteering :

NOTE: There are 3 different events to take part in.

Please RSVP for each of (3) event(s) you want to participate in
so we can plan accordingly. We arrange for wonderful food donated by great Seattle restaurants, so please read
information below carefully and RSVP.


1) Friday Pre - event Set up ( Nov. 16, 2-5 PM)


We need 10 -12 people to unload food from the trucks and  set up the tables. There is a lot of heavy lifting for this part. 
We will meet approximately 2-5 PM at the new location 
(Make sure you RSVP and you will know the details and location).
Great pizza will be provided.
RSVP-Click Here


-2) Basket Brigade event : (Saturday) 

Sat. Nov 17th 11AM - 5PM 
 (Leaders come 9 AM sharp to organize)

A) We'll assemble the baskets, enjoy great company, meet some new friends and  enjoy some great pizza and Thai food donated by wonderful restaurants.

C) Deliver the baskets (maps will be given to you). 
If you have concern about driving & want to drive with another - let us know. 
Remember we have fewer baskets than last year and
priority will be given to those who donate or RSVP first. 

Delivering the Baskets is actually the highlight of the event. 
Watching the families faces when you deliver food they 
are not expecting to have during Thanksgiving, 
will leave a memory on you (and your kids) forever. 
This is a great event for kids of all ages, just make sure you 
still have room in your vehicle for baskets and turkeys.

RSVP - Click Here 

(Please fill out the RSVP form and get anyone you tell to RSVP and do the same. We need to plan the event based on this form.

Example of the size of a basket (large box) and a turkey  
(we won't have bags of potatoes this year)

Example of basket


3) Volunteer Party

We will have great music, & meet new wonderful friends!
Incredible food from some of the best Seattle restaurants - 
Thai, Indian, Greek food and great Pizza. I'll smoke an organic turkey.      
Hot tub & dry sauna will be available - bring towels
TO BE ELIGIBLE to come to the party one has to:


Volunteer 3 hours either:

BEFORE Basket Brigade (ask what needs to be done now),
DURING Basket Brigade, Friday or Sat Nov 18-19 at the center OR
Be willing to help clean up either the community center Sat. (roughly 3-5 PM)


RSVP - Click Here



Greetings !
Donations are starting to come in so we can go ahead
but we will have fewer baskets to deliver than in past years.
PLEASE help make a donation (no matter how small) 
so these families can eat.

 Many people are struggling now, and ANY donations you make will brighten and make YOUR Thanksgiving even more rewarding by giving to others.
It's a great way to start off the holiday season by making a donation of ANY size to help those less fortunate at this time of the year.

100% of all money donated will be used to help buy the turkeys / food.
If you think you can't afford to donate money you may consider :

Delivery of baskets preference will be given to those
who donate ahead of time.

A) Talk to friends, co-workers, your company or boss to help us raise money.
If you get smaller donations from your co-workers, many companies / bosses 
will be willing to match the total amounts to help this great cause.

B) Consider giving up your "coffee" money etc. for a week $40 per basket
is what it costs (2011) to make a families Thanksgiving special. $40 basket feeding a familiy for 2-3 days). We can provide a tax deductible receipt.

Checks are preferable to Paypal 
(Paypal takes out a fee - limiting your donation)

Checks: Please make checks out to : "Seattle Basket Brigade" 
Mail to : 6603 Aurora Ave No, Seattle, WA 98103

Paypal   -->
If you have a paypal account -
here is how you can make a donation and no fees are taken out:

1. Log into your Pay Pal account
2. Click on 'Send Money 'at the top of the page
3. Enter 'lesberenson@yahoo. Comment' in the to field and the amount.   
    Note for Seattle Basket Brigade
4. Click on the 'Personal' tab
5. Click the 'gift' button and then click on 'Continue'
6. Confirm the information on the next page and click 'send money'



 Pictures / Videos of past Seattle Basket Brigades 

                                            Photo gallery (2011): (Click here)

                                                               2011 Basket Brigade pictures and stories
                                            Click above link


Betty Patu "Warrior" award :
Betty Patu from District 7 Seattle School Board
recognized the Seattle Basket Brigade
for theoir involvement in the Seatle community. 

Betty Patu Warrior award


Tony Robbins story:
Here  is Tony Robbins telling about
the International Basket Brigade and
how it started.
This compelling story was in original Chicken Soup
for the Soul 
  Tony Robbins talking about history of Basket Brigade   
Click on picture


Rama one of our coordinators & leaders from Vancouver CA.
shares what just happened (37 seconds)

Our leader Rama describing what just happenedClick on picture


Basket Brigade flow

Click on picture