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Tuesday November 27, 2012 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM EST

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Public speaking and presenting for introverts 

seminarIt's a myth that introverts can't be great public speakers or presenters. You knew that. But in traditional workshops, it can be tough for introverts to get a word in edgewise, let alone hear about your specific concerns and issues. If all the exercises involve pulling a volunteer up in front of the group, you may not want to participate. And if all you know is that you're introverted, but not how to deal with that as a presenter or speaker, you may not know what to ask for.

Here's the workshop for you, introverts. This one-day workshop is specifically designed so that you:

  • Don't have to do all the talking, sharing and demonstrating--unless you want to;
  • Do learn about the special advantages introverts have as speakers and presenters;
  • Don't waste time learning tactics that only work for extroverts;
  • Do learn how to prepare for your next speech or presentation, without over-preparing;
  • Don't say yes to presentation logistics that work against you as an introvert; and
  • Do hear the data, research findings and tactics that work best for introverts, from how to interrupt effectively to how to plan a presentation that won't sap your energy.

Spaces are limited for this one-day workshop. The registration fee is $300 if you register by November 2, 2012; and $350 if you register after that. All registration and cancellations end November 16, 2012 at midnight ET. Please refer to our workshops policy and FAQ to learn more--your registration signifies that you are in agreement with these conditions. Your registration fee includes break refreshments and lunch, as well as a jam-packed email with additional reading, links, resources, examples and videos, so you can refer to what you learn in the workshop again and again.

Trainer Denise Graveline qualifies as an "ambivert"--someone who's a little extroverted, and plenty introverted--so she understands both introverts and extroverts, and their presentation styles. Graveline, the author of the popular public-speaking blog The Eloquent Woman, has trained some of the nation's leading government officials, corporate executives and nonprofit leaders, including speakers at the TEDMED conference. She trains lots of introverts, including many scientists and technical experts, and has done extensive research and writing about introverts and public speaking.