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 Local Search Marketing

Millions of people log on to the Internet daily looking for a vendor or product that they need or are ready to buy - right now!   It used to be the Yellow Pages but today it is local search marketing via the Internet.  A company does not need a separate website but it helps to integrate your whole marketing strategy.

Our webinar is structured to cover the following areas:

  • History of how customers seek a local vendor
  • Benefits of using the local search feature of the Internet                   
  • Searcher is usually ready to buy           Shop Local                                             
  • Fewer competitors than a web search since you are local
  • A search and a 'Map' to you
  • Easy to set up and FREE      
  • Add coupons and solicit reviews
  • Process of getting your company to get listed on a directory
  • How you can list on multiple directories
  • How to optimize your listing and website.

Local MapOur discussion uses a Air Conditioning company as an example.  The whole listing process is based upon a basic Word document describing your company in 200 words, but using video and photos.  Your address shows where you are for an area map, categorize your service into logical search areas, add hours and itemize your key words you will use consistently on all local listings.  This may be your most important investment of a few dollars and time.


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