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 It’s Your World- Change It! Brownie Quest                               Badge: Home Scientist

Girl Scout Brownies discover their own unique talents while they become scientists for the day.  The girls will work as teams to uncover the secrets of electrical charges, density and ways one of our planet’s most abundant gases is important and FUN! Charleston Harbor and South Carolina coastal ecosystems provide the backdrop for these science experiences.  Much like Campbell, Jamilia and Alejandro in the Brownie Quest story, Brownies will unlock the key to making the world a better place; it takes understanding your specials skills, the ones you want to learn and knowing how to share them with the community!

 Specific activities include:

  • Creating static electricity with balloons
  • Egg in salt water/ experimenting with hydrometers, salinity, and density
  • Blowing up a balloon with CO2


Saturday November 17th                        REGISTER

Friday December 7th                                REGISTER


It’s Your Planet- Love It! Wonders of Water                              Badge: Household Elf

On their way to becoming “household elves”, Brownies will not only learn about the Wonders of Water, but will recognize Ways of Working: working with each other and their community.  They will realize the potential they have to make a difference starting with water and energy consumption in their homes and hear stories of how girls and women have made their own efforts global.  Girl Scout Brownies will be able to recognize water as one of our planet’s most precious natural resources and the importance of using this resource wisely.    Charleston Harbor is an excellent setting for the story of the water cycle and making the connection between water and energy!

 Specific activities include:

  • Finding out ways to use less energy and water (can they do this at home? What about at school?)
  •  “Can YOU Compost?” game
  • Make a natural cleaner (glass cleaner or tile cleaner) and decorate the bottle!


Friday November 30th                             REGISTER

Sunday December 9th                              REGISTER 


It’s Your Story- Tell It! A World of Girls                                                       Badge: Inventor

Girl Scout Brownies know that inventions are really stories!  As Jamila points out along her journey, inventions can change the outcome of a story.  Many women and girls have come up with great inventions, like windshield wipers and the square-bottomed paper bag! Sometimes accidents create inventions, like the chocolate chip cookie! Girls will explore creative ways of solving problems, discuss how inventions could solve some of their own, and share their inventive ideas with the group or choose to share it at home with friends and family.

Specific activities include:

  • Warming up the inventor’s mind: object improv
  • Classroom music?
  • Make a “needs list” for a local environmental problem, brainstorm with buddies and share with your troop, family or friends


Saturday November 3rd                          REGISTER

Sunday December 2nd                              REGISTER



It’s Your World- Change It! Agent of Change                     Badge: Entertainment Technology

Movies, merry-go-rounds and music?  To be a good leader, a Girl Scout must be aware of her powers: her skills and interests that can make a difference to her and her community.  Sometimes to uncover your strengths you need to try out and learn new things. In this unique program Girl Scout Juniors will learn about entertainment technology and its connections to our body, senses and even major planetary processes!

Specific activities include:

  • Making a take-home thaumatrope
  • Merry-go-rounds and centrifugal force
  • Sound waves and elephant hikes


Friday November 16th                             REGISTER

Saturday December 8th                           REGISTER


It’s Your Planet- Love It! Get Moving!                                                         Badge: Gardener

Get moving and get gardening!  Gardening can be many things to many people, including a way to save energy!  The First Lady Michelle Obama uses the White House garden to raise awareness about healthy eating habits and the benefits of eating local food.  Eating and growing produce locally means food travels smaller distances- and you guessed it- saving energy!  Speaking of energy, plants themselves are responsible for converting energy from the sun into energy the rest of us can use.  During this session juniors will learn about plants from the ground up and get hands-on with some planting of their own!

Specific activities include:

  • Discuss various types of gardens and explore garden design
  • Learn how to choose garden plants: from different soils to seasons!
  • Set up a take-home experiment with seeds


Friday November 2nd                              REGISTER

Sunday November 18th                           REGISTER


It’s Your Story- Tell It! aMuse!                                                         Badge: Animal Habitats

Everyone has a story to tell, and by trying on different roles you might even change that story!  Investigate a variety of animals and animal habitats during this wild program!  Juniors will explore coastal ecosystems and the living community within them, and experience close encounters with regional fauna in our Education Center’s wet lab. They will get a first-hand glimpse at what it takes to maintain their aquarium homes aboard the USS Yorktown and what it is like to play the role of “care-taker”.  The program will close with an eye-opening look into endangered habitats around the world and locally, and what girl scouts can do to help!

Specific activities include:

  • Talking with an animal-habitat expert
  • Visiting an educational aquarium facility
  • Investigating a local animal habitat
  • Exploring endangered habitats


Sunday November 4th                             REGISTER

Saturday December 1st                           REGISTER