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Choice Points Homeopathy


for girls 10-15 years old and their mothers
(grandmothers, aunts, & older sisters welcome)

Saturday, May 4, 2013 - 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

**Thank you for your enthusiastic response - the retreat is almost full :) !  Registrants will be placed in activities based on availability, in first come first served order, with priority given to keeping families & friends together. 

Morning & Afternoon Activities:



Rappelling:  Climb up a ladder to arrive at the top of a 40’ wall and rappel yourself down to the ground.


K-3 Boardwalk & Zipline


K-3 Boardwalk & Zipline:  Cross a swinging board-bridge suspended 45’ in the air between two towers, then “free fall” leaving the 55’ tower far behind.



Trail Riding


Trail Riding:  Take a break from the noisy , fast paced, hectic world and enjoy our peaceful scenic prairie trails on horseback.  Safety & mounting instruction included.
(Available in the afternoon ONLY)


Super Zipline: A heart pounding, mind expanding adventure experience!  Climb to the top of our 70’ tower, hook on to the mile zipline and enjoy a panoramic view on your way down!


Burma Zipline


Burma Zipline: 
Climb a 35' ladder and traverse our 90' three-rope bridge to a tower 45' above the ground.  Then enjoy the zipline and experience a "free fall" effect. (Available in the morning ONLY)