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 Online Procedure for Donating to The Rotary Foundation's Every Rotarian Every Year

 The steps outlined in this procedure will help you to sign up for an easy, automatic, small, monthly donation to the Rotary Foundation’s Every Rotarian Every Year.  If you have any questions about this procedure please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at

1.       Using your web browser go the Rotary Foundation website

2.       Click on the “Contribute” tab as shown in the diagram below:

3.    You will be presented with the various funds that you can contribute to.  Scroll down and click on the “Contribute” button next to

       the Annual Fund to donate to the Every Rotarian Every Year program.

4.     You will be asked to indicate if you’re a Rotarian or not.  The reason behind this question is to determine where to credit the


5.    Next you will be asked to sign in.  If you have created an account and an associated login on the website before then move

       to step 9.  If you haven’t please click on “Create Account.”

6.    You will be asked to enter your email address twice on the next form (see below).  Please make sure that you enter the same email

       address you have on record with your local Rotary Club.  If you don’t remember it please check your profile on ClubRunner or ask your

       club secretary.  This email address will become your User ID to login to the website.

7.      Once you submit your email address, a confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address notifying you that your request

       has been submitted and that you will receive another instructional email to complete your registration in approximately one business


8.    Once the instructional email is received, follow the instructions in the email or click on the link provided to complete your registration. 

       In this step, you will get to create a password for your account.  This password will be used in conjunction the specified email address

       above to login to your Rotary Foundation account, to make any changes to your donation in the future, or to track your contributions.

9.    Once you have finished logging in (or setup your account), you will again be presented with a form asking you to select the fund you

       want to contribute to, please click on the "Annual Fund" again to donate to the Every Rotarian Every Year Program.

10.   Once clicked, the Annual Fund selection will present you with several sub-fund selections to choose from.  Please click the radio

        button next to the “Annual Fund – SHARE,” then click “Continue.”

11.   Scroll down to click “Continue” on the bottom of the form

12.   Next you will enter the details of your contribution.  Please click on the $25 radio button and choose monthly frequency then click on

        “Continue” (see below).  We are trying to get the $100 by March 1st, 2013 to fulfill our Every Rotarian Every Year obligation this year.

        You can change that amount later.

13.   Your billing information will then be shown on the next form which should correspond to the information that Rotary has on record for

        you.  Make any billing address changes, if needed, at this step then choose the credit card type you would like Rotary Foundation to

        use for this donation.   Click on “Continue” when finished.

14.   You will then be presented with a summary of your donation.  Please review it for accuracy.  If you have to make any changes you can

        click on the “Edit” link next to any section that you need to modify.  If no modifications are needed, simply click on “Continue.”

15.   The last step is to enter your credit card number.  Make sure that you enter the expiration date and the security code found either on

        signature strip on the back of your card or in the front of the card depending on which card type you have.  Click “Continue” to submit

        your card details for approval.

Congratulations!  You’ve successfully contributed to the Every Rotarian Every Year via automatic monthly payments.  Well done!

You can login any time to see your status, track your payment history, or make changes.

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