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Susan Harrell 
Washington Initiative for Supported Employment 


Wednesday January 30, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST

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Registration deadline: January 28, 2013

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Paula Johnson - Paula Johnson Associates




Webinar - $30.00

Washington State Stipends - Free for first 53 registrants who live and work in Washington State

Webinar: Successful Tools for Marketing Job Candidates

In today's extremely competitive job market, job seekers need to create a memorable impression which will lead to job offers.  This webinar will provide an overview of several successful tools that produce results: 

  • 1) Career Portfolios - Producing a Career Portfolio assists individuals to create a greater sense of security in their career exploration and position themselves to achieve their career goals.  Information will be provided on how to create a portfilio by guiding participants through the simple, step-by-step assembly of a visual presentation of a person’s work experience.
  •  2) High Impact Résumés - Current literature states that 90% of all résumés are screened out in the first 30 seconds.  According to Julie Marseu, “Ask any recruiter, and they'll tell you that if they can't find the experience and skills they're looking for immediately, you've probably lost their interest.”  A simple yet highly effective résumé process and template will be presented. 
  • 3) Employment Proposals - The use of employment proposals is an effective way to reach employers in a non-traditional way.  Denise Bissonnette writes, “It (use of employment proposals) is an innovative approach for taking people who have barriers to employment out of competition with other job seekers and creating new opportunities.”  A sample proposal will be shared which identifies the basic components of a successful proposal. 
  • 4) Use of Social Media - With the Internet buzzing with social media, there are many ways to use social media in order to network, and eventually find a job.  According to an article in DMNews, Jeremiah Owyang from Forrester Research agrees that social networks allow all parties involved to better search for and reach their target.  Basic information will be provided on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook that relates to the job search process.

By the end of the webinar participants will be able to:

  1. Create a career portfolio which includes clear, concise summaries of a person's work experience and skills, photographs, and supporting documents such as letters of reference and certificates of achievement.
  2. Develop a high impact resume which presents an individual's experience and skills in an easy to read format.
  3. Develop an employment proposal for a targeted business that describes the job seeker's experience and potential contributions to the business.
  4. Describe the benefits of using Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook to network in order to present job candidates and learn about possible open positions.
 Paula has 30 plus years of experience in job development, job analysis, career planning, staff training,Paula Johnson marketing and management.  During her nine-year tenure at The University of San Francisco, McLaren School of Business, she directed California's Supported Employment statewide training projects, Department of Rehabilitation and Department of Mental Health Cooperative training programs, and led the California Corporate Initiative.  Paula lives in Oregon and is the owner of Paula Johnson Consulting.  In addition,  she is the national Director of Best Buddies Jobs and is leading the expansion of employment programs across the country; a consultant with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center - Project SEARCH and assists schools, employment agencies, funding agencies and employers with the development of Project SEARCH programs in 15 states and Canada.

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