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CAA Executive Director


Nicholls State Athletics                                                    P.O. Box 2068
Thibodaux, LA 70310


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CAA Members




Fighting Colonel $10,000+    

General $5000-$9,999

Colonel $2,500-$4,999

 Neil J. Maki, M.D. and R.E. "Bob" Miller  

LT Colonel $1,000-$2,499                            

Advance Physical Therapy and Rehab, Bill and Debbie Nash, Bill and Mayme Wynn, Brent and Chantell Gonzales, Carl and Kristie Klann, Chris Fakier, Dr. John (Jack) Cavan, Dr. Matt Porche, Glenn and Nancy Diedrich, Greg, Sheila and Kennedy Harrington, Henry J. Lafont, Jr., Holly and Kevin Guidry, Jamie and Angie Vergenal, Jared Gros - Century 21 Acadia, Joel Hanberry, L. Vernon Bourgeois, Lester Bimah, Mark Plaisance, Mike and Dana LeBlanc, Morgan City Rentals, Robert and Denise Scelfo, Senator Norby Charbert, Stewart P. Rozas, Toby J. LaFont, DBA, Tony and Jamie Cheramie, and VESL, LLC



 Major $500-$999

A & G Refrigeration, Barry and Debbie Landry, Bayou Gauging & Service Inc., Bryan Miller, M.D., Buquet Distributing, Chris Lapeyre, Curren and Marian Pitre, D & M Home Medical, Dr. David Boudreaux, Dr. Tim McCabe, Greg Reynolds, Jake Ritchie, Jennifer Baker, Jerry and Rita Barry, Joseph C. Picciola, II, Keith Kulbeth, Kirt Chouest, Laura Campell and Josh Chauvin, Leslie J. Clement, Jr., Michael Fakier, Michael Walker, Roger Bourgeois, Sid Candies, Stephen Duplechain, Walter R. Gaudet and Wingstop

Captain $250-$499

Adam Gardner, Andy and Carolyn Borne, Andy Naquin, Angel Santiago, Art Naquin, Ashley Barrios, Audie and Sharon Hymel, Bart Fremin, Ben Harang, Bill Barbera, Bill Huber, Bob Nelson, Bobby Arceneaux, Bruce J. Vicknair, Bryan Paille, Carroll Dantin, Casey Rodrigue, Charlie Stubbs, Clark Rodrigue, Dan Duplantis, Danny Cavell - Morvant & Cavell, APLC, Darryl Brue, David and Patty Seal, David Gilmore, David LeBoeaf, David Miller, DoBee Plaisance, Donald and Lorraine Landry, Douglas Robichaux, Dr. Camile Chiasson, Dr. Michael Prejean Jr., Dylan Harrison, Eddie Himel, PT, DSC and Brigid G. Himel, Frank Kolwe Jr., George Diedrich, Gossen-Holloway & Associates, Gwain and Kim Roundtree, Harlan Oelklaus, Harold and Louise Adams, Harvey "Drew" Pelier, III, Heather Van Norman, Henry O. Gaudet, J.P. Piper, James S. Bergeron, James Matassa, James Schilling, Jamie Bouterie Investments Inc., Janet Henry, Jason Dagate, Jay Roth, Jeremy and Dawn Becker, Jim Kraus, Joe Waitz, John Diagle, PT and Kim B. Daigle, Joseph P. Kolwe, Jude Guidry, Julie L. Taylor, Keith Davis, Keith Whitney, Kip and Becky Rohner, Kurt Rea, Lance Pupuis, Larry and Tina Howell, Leo Hebert, Leonard P. Duhe', Louis A. Joseph, Mark Andrepont, Mayor Tommy Eschete, Meenakshi Sundaram, Michael Gros, Mike and Inga McCoy, Mike and Jill Naquin, Mike Bendarz, Mitch Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Becker, Nicholls Alumni Federation, Nolan Dumas, Pat and Deanie Pitre, Patrick Hiltz, Perry Chiasson, Phil Thomas, Red Goose Saloon, Rene Carreker, Richard A. Morvant, Jr., M.D., Richie Naquin, Robert and Kim Jackson, Rock Ruiz, Roddy LeRille, Ronney Picou, Rowland Caldwell, Seth Thibodeaux, Sonny Lovell, Stephen Barba, Steven Gros, Tim Gallagher, Tommy and Tonya Tucker, Tommy Boudreaux, Travis Gravois, Vic Lafont and Wes and Betsy Magee

Lieutenant $150-$249

Arthur A. Rice, Bayou Dental - Peter J. Dupree, DDS, Ben G. Jones - Jones Insurance Services, Billy Giordano, Blain Arthurs, Buddy Ledet, Carroll Dantin, Charles Caillouet, Carroll Falcon, Cleve Hill, Craig Naquin, Darren Buzbee, David Elias, M.D., Don and Sandra Frazier, Dr. Allayne L. Barrilleaux, Dr. Glenn D. Manceaux, Dr. Marilyn Kilgen, Dr. Stephen Hulbert, E.A. Angelloz, Eugene Dial, Gary Gros, Gene Gouaux, Jr., George Simoneaux, Gregory Landry, Harley J. Gros, Jack Barton, Jean and Ronnie Bourgeois, John and Janis Ramer, John R. Bilello, Leslie and Ann Daigle, Lionel Naquin, Jr., Luke Ford, Mark Rhodes, Marlene Guillot, Marshall Crooks, Matt Gresham, Michael Detillier, Mike Davis, P. Truett Ray, Jr., M.D., Patrick Thompson, Providence/GSE, Richard H. Barker, III, Robert and Penny LeBlanc, Robert Flinkl, Ron Williams, Ron Williams, Ryan Carter, Sigmund P. Morel, St. Martin & Bourque, A.P.L.C., Stella and Alex Lasseigne, Stephanie Ledet, Sternfels Properties, Synergy Bank, Tad and Chris Schmidt, Timothy Paul Clements and Tommy and Julie Gisclair

2011 Hall of Distinction                                         

Stephanie Hebert                                                               

Marty J Chabert

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center           

Byron Talbot 

Young Alumns

 Jeremy Garrett, Kadi Whisnant, Chelsea Dockrey, Joseph Fryou, Lauren Jones, Jessica McLeod, Immaculate Kosgei, Kellan Carter,                            Sumana Kalyanasundaram, Justin Ayers,          Kenneth Franklin, Jr., Charles McDade                      Anatoly Bose, Chase Jaramillo, Timothy Norton,  Razvan Cojocar, Allison Flynn, Bear Comer,  Ricshanda Bickham, Whitney Roan,                       Carlee Winkelmann, Cassie Hearon,                           Kasey Culverson, Parham  Booker, Lohan Kotze,       Tori Lay, Scott Moseley, Brian Arceneaux, Natalia Ruiz, Melissa Harrison, Florina Nosca, Brandon Johnson, Allison Mylius, Spenser Langthorn, Kaitlyn Mattsson, Brandon Breaux, Nolan Dumas

Welcome to the Colonel Athletic Association 

The mission of the Colonel Athletic Association is to provide expanded opportuntiesfor the hundreds of Nicholls State University student athletes. The CAA supplements student-athlete scholarships and other important needs.

Whle the first $100 of your donations goes towards the CAA, you may choose to designate your gift to any of Nicholls' 14 NCAA Division 1 athletic programs. Your donation to the CAA helps Nicholls Student-Athletes in the following ways:

  • Providing scholarships and financial aid for deserving student-athletes.
  • Attracting and retaining qualified coaches for all of the Nicholls' NCAA Division I athletic programs.
  • Maintaining and improving facilities through enhancement, renovation and new construction.
  • Ensuring that each of our student athletes in our 14 sports receives top-of-the-line equipment, uniforms, and physicial and sport training to maximize their ability to compete at the NCAA Division I level.

SOME BENEFITS HAVE CHANGED. PLEASE READ!  http://www.geauxcolonels.com/documents/2011/6/8/2011_CAA_brochure[1]7.pdf

CAA Benefits 2011-2012

2012-2013 Board Members

President  Jeremy Becker

Vice President  David Miller

Mitch Thompson                     

Craig Naquin

Bobby Arceneaux                    

Jason Dagate                          

Claire Berry        

 Jude Guidry                    

Executive Director Brandon Ruttley

Athletics Director Rob Bernardi (ex-officio member)

Support the Colonel Athletic Association in its mission to fulfill the academic and athletic dreams of Nicholls' student-athletes!