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What People Are Saying

" Very Comprehensive... Great course!" M.D.

"The instructors are awesome! I enjoyed everything about this intro course!" J.G., parent

"Many thanks for an introduction to something that can be truly effective and sees each individual as unique and works with what they can reorganize. Clearly life changing!" Carol Jaron, LMFT

This workshop has been canceled. Please let us know if you are interested in future workshops.   



Autism * ADHD * Learning Disabilities:

Root Causes and Effective Treatment

    Parents and professionals: Join us for an experiential and interactive workshop and learn powerful techniques you can use right now - at home, in the classroom or in your practice. 
    • Is someone you know struggling with  learning, attention, motor or behavior challenges?
    • Are you looking for deeper understanding, new answers, and how YOU can help?

    Discover an empowering perspective that welcomes your own creativity. 

    In this 2-day workshop you will:

    • Start to understand what behaviors tell you about neurological irregularities using the dynamic HANDLE paradigm
    • Recognize subtle signs of stress, and how to use Gentle Enhancement to prevent crises
    • Learn activities that help learning, support focus and reduce stress
    • Learn to help create more efficient nerve pathways

    About HANDLE:
     stands for Holistic Approach to Neuro-Development and Learning Efficiency. It is a gentle and powerful, respectful, non-invasive and non-drug approach to enhancing all forms of learning, both in children and adults.


    • Cost: $300. A discount is available when you register with a friend.
    • Deadline to Register: April 24
    • CEUs: Course meets qualifications for 13 hours of CE credit for LMFTs and LCSWs (PCE#3648). Contact 925-934-3500 for more information. A $15 additional fee applies 
    • HANDLE Training:  This course qualifies as HANDLE's Introductory Courses Levels 1 and 2

    About the Instructors:

    Sindy WilkinsonSindy Wilkinson, M.Ed., LMFT, has over 30 years of experience in education, neurodevelopmental therapy, and counseling. She became involved with HANDLE to assist her daughter, who benefitted dramaticly. Certified as a Practitioner, Supervisor and Instructor, she brings sensitivity, intelligence, warmth and humor to her work. 

    DrorDror Schneider is a Certified HANDLE Practitioner, Instructor and Supervisor with years of experience in the field of natural vision improvement. Dror practices and teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ithaca, NY, Washington, DC and Israel.