Thursday January 10, 2013
from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM CST

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John C. Stennis Space Center 
NASA Conference Center
Building 1100
Room 107
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-6000

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Belinda Gill 
Mississippi Enterprise for Technology 

Licensing Opportunities from
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)


January’s Lunch & Learn will feature patented technologies available for licensing from the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – Stennis Detachment.  Please join us at 11:30am on January 10th in the Building 1100 NASA Conference Center, Room 107 at Stennis Space Center to learn more about the technologies NRL is making available to emerging and existing businesses.  Although others may be added to the list, technologies to be highlighted include: 

  • Bob Helber (Oceanography Division) will present information on the Improved Synthetic Ocean Profile (ISOP) system, a patented system for utilizing relatively plentiful satellite ocean surface measurements to inform forecasting models about the subsurface structure of the ocean.
  • John Dubberley (Marine Geosciences Division) will discuss patented and patent pending technical solutions to object detection on the seafloor.
  • Dr. Bob Linzell (Oceanography Division) will discuss patent pending finite element mesh generation and editing tools, and an automated system for configuring a coastal river model using remotely sensed imagery.
  • Dr. Brian Bourgeois (Marine Geosciences Division) will discuss four technologies, including AutoSurvey®, a patented system for optimizing the deployment of swath (fixed angular sector) sensors.  30% or greater reduction in survey time can be realized with this system.  Dr. Bourgeois will also discuss Depthimeter, a patented system for determining the precise draft (or depth for a submersible) of a vehicle with respect to mean sea level.  Depthimeter can also be used to measure dynamic draft on large ships in shallow water. A patented adaptation of the Depthimeter, the Shipboard Wave Measurement System, enables the measurement of height, direction, wave length and period of waves the principal component (biggest) of ocean waves.  Finally, Dr. Bourgeois will discuss patented methods for improving positioning accuracy of underwater vehicles, both towfish and untethered vehicles. 

 Finally, information will be provided on the next steps to take if anyone or any company is interested in further discussions on these or any other NRL patented technology.