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Meaghan McCann 
Search Ad Marketing 


Saturday, January 26, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

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Plymouth Chamber of Commerce 
850 W. Ann Arbor Trail
Plymouth, MI 48170

Driving Directions 

Who Else Thinks AdWords is a Pain in the @$$?!

 Overcome your Frustration at this Full Day, Hands on Learning Experience!
Leave with a Professionally Crafted Campaign!
Learn the tools and techniques used to grow your business, improve your bottom line and beat the pants off your competitors!

Google AdWords is the most effective tool to get your business found on the Internet.  Google says it takes 5 minutes to create a campaign.  While this it true, it takes days, or even weeks to navigate your way through the system to gain a full understanding of the program and its intricacies.  Setting up a campaign in 5 minutes will end up costing you a lot more than time in the long run!

Come to this full day AdWords workshop and learn how to effectively and efficiently create a campaign to generate quality website traffic and more sales.

Who this event is for:
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
    Who are responsible for managing Google AdWords campaigns and are 1) not sure how to get started or 2)  concerned with the performance of their current campaigns; disappointed by high click costs, frustrated by low click through rates, aggrivated that ads aren't showing up.
We Will Reveal:
  • How to plan and set expectations for your AdWords campaigns
  • How to structure your campaign for easy management and better results
  • How to research and discover effective keywords
  • How to write ads that get clicks
  • How to spy on your competition
  • How to write copy for your landing pages that drives a desired action
  • How to utilize auto responders to build relationships with prospects
  • How to use reports to uncover areas for optimization
  • How to measure success
  • You Will Build a Campaign with a Foundation for SUCCESS!

    No more procrastinating or loosing sleep over bad results.  Get going, get it straightened out and start earning profits with Google AdWords!

    Start now! Click the link below for more information and to register.

    WARNING!! Space is limited to the first 10 people who register.  We like to keep the group small so you have an experience customized to your needs and goals.  You'll get lots of individual attention!

    BONUS #1 :: Everyone who attends will get one full hour of personal coaching after the workshop.
    A $150 value!

    BONUS #2 :: Everyone who registers will receive $100 in Google AdWords advertising credit FREE!

    BONUS #3 :: Everyone who attends will get an audio CD titled, "The Costly Pitfalls of Pay Per Click Advertising and How to Avoid Them. A $97 value.

    Who is Search Ad Marketing and how are they qualified to teach me AdWords?
    If you're going to take a workshop on AdWords, and pay for it, you probably want to be sure the instructor(s) knows what she/he is doing.
    Meaghan McCann - Owner of Search Ad Marketing is a Google Qualified Professional and has held the certification for over 5 years.  Meaghan takes a hands-on approach to managing her client's AdWords acounts and this allows her to stay on top of the continually changing AdWords program.
    John Tucker - Trained by Google to assist AdWords users, John is wildly crazy about the AdWords program.  His passion shines when he sees an opportunity to help an advertiser improve a campaign to cut costs and/or improve performance.  John loves to share his knowledge with others and endure they are confident with their understanding.

    "This workshop is a great introduction to Google AdWords.  In addition to exploring this technology, Meaghan shared free tools that will help me continue to learn and hone my campaigns for greater effectiveness."

    Cindy Morrow, ProQuest, Ann Arbor, MI

    "Shortcut the money wasted on AdWords as a beginner.  I threw away almost $200 because I didn't uncheck one little box. Meaghan gives all the secrets.  Be empowered!"
    Kim Crabtree, VP, MetaOps, Livonia, MI

    "This workshop gave me enough confidence in the specifics to dive in and set up an AdWords campaign on my own"
    Jeannette Guiterrez, Marketing Consultant, Ann Arbor, MI

    "Meaghan made the training comfortable and specific to each individual's needs. Everything I learned will be applied to my AdWords campaigns."
    Shelly Hein, Exec. Assistant, MetaOps, Livonia, MI

    "This Google Adwords Workshop was informative and very relevant to the world of pay per click advertising, Meaghan wasn't kidding when she said you will have a campaign ready to go after the workshop. What further impressed me was that even though the workshop ended at 3pm she was still there a half an hour later helping the participants and answering questions. I will attend again." 
    Dr. Jeff Clark, DC, Dolecki Chiropractic Clinic, Orion, MI

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    Early Bird Bonus:
    The first four people who register will be provided with support* for the first two weeks after the workshop!
    *Terms and conditions apply.