Allyn Evans 
Live a Powerful Life 


Sunday January 20, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM CST

Bring Your Own Sack Lunch or Snack

We'll take thirty minute break and have access to a kitchen complete with refrigerator and microwave. 

You'll Also Want to:

Bring a journal and pen
Bring water as well as a pillow and blanket for comfort.
Wear comfortable clothes 

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Dallas Meditation Center 
727 S. Floyd Road, Richardson, TX, 75080

Driving Directions 


Dream Eyes Wide Open

Join us and become the Creative Force in Your Own Life ...

How to Fulfill Your Heart's Desires.  

Feels a bit like we're cheating, but we are NOT! You will use patented sound technology in combination with patterning techniques to help you harness the creator within you.  

Oklahoma Excursion, Greg, Allyn and JoeyExperience Hemi-Sync technology developed by sound researcher and innovator Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute.


There's no better time of the year to envision a new plan and then to begin patterning for that plan. Join Allyn Evans for a magical day of creation! 

Where you will learn how to: 

*Envision your plan (creating the idea/concept of what you want)
*Pattern for your plan
*Create a regular practice to ensure what you are desiring/needing will begin to show up in your life 

Join us for a one-day retreat where you will meet your amazing self while embracing your ability to create the life you have always wanted. You will do this with a combination of sound technology and guided exercises, discussions and practices to immediately and positively improve each and every area of your life.  Allyn will introduce a patterning routine that is practical and easy to use and provide basic tools for harnessing your ability to shape and create the world around you. 

Have everything you could possibly desire? Join us anyway. Doing group meditations while using Hemi-Sync is a powerful experience. 

Hemi-Sync Brain Map Whole Brain

All these benefits come without dogma. There is no religious connection or guru involved.

Based on the sound technology patented by Bob Monroe. 

Join people just like you ...

Excursion OKC Participants at Greg