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"Wise Earth Ayurveda Inner Medicine healing is based in the understanding that each one of us has the ineffable ability to awaken profound healing powers within ourselves."   ~Maya Tiwari


Friday May 17, 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT
Tuesday May 21, 2013 at 3:00 PM EDT

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Sarita-Linda Rocco
Wise Earth School


734 Penn Avenue
West Reading, PA 19611

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Traveling from out of town?  Reasonable and comfortable accommodations are available within walking distance from YOGA INLET.   Click on the links below and use "West Reading, PA  19611 or Wyomissing PA  19610 for your search.  

Country Inn Suites


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We also have 6 spaces available for a local bed and breakfast accommodation in a private home. If you are interested, please call Lila at 610-372-7248. This spots fill fast so call as early as possible.  




All Meals are Included in your Fee. Dhira-Michael Rocco- Ayurvedic Chef, will be preparing your meals with love, mantra and exquisite recipes that support your deep rejuvenation and experience of Wise Earth Ayurveda education.  



Wise Earth Ayurveda Sadhana Approach to Diagnosis Health-Diagnosis-Spirituality

taught by Maya Tiwari

This Intermediate Intensive will deepen the Wise Earth Ayurveda practitioner's ability to apply inner medicine healing in your consulttations.  Increase your Wise Earth Ayurveda knowledge, intuition and confidence in your power of observation to assist others.

Surrounded by the beautiful and nurturing atmosphere of sadhana life-in-practice, you will learn to harmonize your biorhythms/ cosmic rhythm with nature’s authority to deeply awaken your Shakti-power. This will enable you to recognize, read and speak the characteristics of a vital, healthy and peaceful life. 

Maya will cover the manifold layers of Ayurveda’s Sarasvatiancient methodology of diagnosing illness for the general population as well as specific womans conditions. Sharpen your ability to “see” notable signs of impairments with your eyes closed, as you develop deep intuitive abilities. This course is for those practitioners who have completed at least one Level One Wise Earth Ayurveda program. 

Syllabus includes: 

  • Wise Earth Ayurveda inner medicine healing practices of sound, chant, breath, meditation & philosophy for healing awareness.
  • Cultivate your Shakti power of intuition as unearthed from the Greater Vedas by Mother Maya.
  • Ayurveda Physiognomy (Doshas, Dhatus, Srotas and Malas)
  • Develop “Intuitive Skills” using Wise Earth Diagnostic Methods for Inner Healing.
  • Cultivate Shakti-Intuition: Gathering History, Observation, Physical Exam
  • Learn how to diagnosis and support treatment for serious health conditions.
  • Learn herbal and nutritional remedies.
  • Experience the lunar practice for nourishing the womb & rejuvenating Shakti 
  • Learn Wise eArth Ayurveda practices for women’s sexuality. 

Applications are reviewed by Wise Earth Sadhaka-Adept for admission into this course.

NAMA approved 50 hour course.    Includes handouts for teaching.  Includes all meals.

Hours: Friday 11am-7pm,  Saturday-Monday 7am-7pm, Tuesday 7am-3pm

Fee: $1450 

Early Registration discount of $100 applied when registered and paid before March 31, 2013

Full credit is applied to another WEA program in the event that you change your mind about attending after payment has been made.  Financial refunds may be offered for personal health issues that arise.  A $150 administration free is deducted from your refund.  No exceptions.   

maya namaste

Maya Tiwari is an outstanding spiritual leader/teacher who has been praised by the Parliament of World Religion’s for her global work in fostering wellness, peace and inter-faith understanding. Founder and director of Wise Earth School of Ayurveda and Mother Om Mission, Maya's tireless service and guidance to the world’s disadvantaged has been opening hearts and healing minds for the past quarter century. Belonging to the ancient wisdom tradition of Veda Vyasa, India, Maya walks a simple, accessible life in service of all. Maya received the prestigious Dhanvantari International Award and Rishi Award for her quarter-century long pioneering work in Ayurveda. Author of many best-selling books on health, wellness, and spirituality, her potent spirit of ahimsa touches the hearts of people across the world. Her books include: Living Ahimsa Diet: Nurturing Love & Life, Women’s Power to Heal: Through Inner Medicine; The Path of Practice: A Woman’s Book of Ayurvedic Healing; Ayurveda: A Life of Balance; and Ayurveda Secrets of Healing. Her meditative journal called, Love! A Daily Oracle for Healing has just been released.