Schwartz and Giesemann


Saturday March 16, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT
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Unity of The Villages 

Located in the Spruce Creek Professional Center
Suite 504
Summerfield, FL 32162




Dr. Gary Schwartz, Ph.D.

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona, at the main campus in Tucson. In addition to teaching courses on health and spiritual psychology, he is the Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.

Gary received his Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard University in 1971 and was an assistant professor at Harvard for five years. He later served as a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University, was director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center, and co-director of the Yale Behavioral Medicine Clinic, before moving to Arizona in 1988.

Gary has published more than four hundred and fifty scientific papers, including six papers in the journal Science.  He is the author of multiple books, including, The Afterlife Experiments, the G.O.D. Experiments, The Truth About Medium, The Living Energy Universe, The Healing Experiments, The Energy Healing Experiments, and The Sacred Promise.


Join Suzanne Giesemann and Dr. Gary Schwartz for a unique evening in which they discuss
"The Afterlife and Sacred Partnerships"

In 2012 evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann and renowned afterlife researcher Dr. Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., conducted exploratory investigations into the continuity of consciousness at the Laboratory  for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona where Professor  Schwartz serves as Director.  Their work together has continued in an attempt to validate the premise of Dr. Schwartz’ latest book, The Sacred Promise—namely, the possibility of a sacred partnership with those who have passed to the other side who wish to be of continued assistance to humanity.

Join Suzanne and Dr. Schwartz for a very special evening in central Florida as they take the platform together to discuss:

  • The not-so-subtle nudges that led to the collaboration between Suzanne and Dr. Schwartz
  • The evidence that Spirit is not only willing and able to assist us, but insistent that we proceed with efforts to contact and learn from those in the higher realms
  • The core lessons gleaned from Dr. Schwartz’ scientific methods that you can directly apply in your daily life to potentially connect and communicate with Spirit
  • Ongoing research into harnessing technology to make communication between the dimensions more clear and accessible to all

 Cost:  $20 - Advance reservations required to ensure a seat

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