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Saturday May 25, 2013 at 8:30 AM PDT
Sunday May 26, 2013 at 6:00 PM PDT

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The Association Headquarters in Burbank 
135 N Screenland Drive
Burbank, CA 91505

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Trevor Eisenman 
The Association: Creative Film, Video & New Media Solutions 

We designed our Lighting Workshop to answer these top questions of our Boot Camp filmmakers:

1. How do I make my shots look "unlit"?

2. How can I make my green screen shots "believable"?

3. How can my lighting setups look real?

4. What's Cinéma Vérité lighting?

5. What's "High Fill" lighting?

6. How do I mix color temperatures?

7. How do I create new "interview" looks?

8. How can I use "unprofessional" lights?

9. How do I "add black"?

10. How do I light in "film noir"?

11. What's an "obie" light?

12. What's the secret of a picture that "pops"?

13. How do I communicate with grips,  professional gaffers, and electricians?

14. What basic lighting gear do I need?




Emmy Award-winning DP, Fletcher Murray has lit award-winning shots in 20 countries around the world. Fletch and his fellow, award-winning DPs and lighting directors have developed a hands-on, lighting workshop "for the rest of us". The Hollywood studio guys have got all day.  We'll show you how to light if you've only got 45 minutes to make it pretty.  

DSLR filmmaking at ISO 2500+ took us out of the studio and into the real world.   But what light gear do we take with us and what can we leave behind?  We answer that question and introduce you to new smaller, cheaper lighting fixtures to sculpt the light on location."

(By the way, we'll teach you Hollywood lighting slang, just in case Spielberg sees your reel and you get your ticket to the majors. In the meantime, you'll learn to light with what's available and make it look great without bringing a whole lighting truck with you.) 

Our hands-on workshop is focused on you and what you need to know to get great looks in the real world.

We'll cut through the jargon and get to the simplicities.

We want to awaken your ability to see.  As famous, New York Times photographer, Bill Cunningham, puts it, "I eat with my eyes."

We'll teach you how to breathe life into your digital film shots using beautiful lighting tailored to real locations.  We hope you'll join us and take your reel to the next level.

It's intense. It's fun. It's what you asked for.



FREE to our Boot Camp Grads! Evaluation of your lighting

Got a question about your lighting?  

Send us a link to your video clip and tell us what problems you're having.  We'll give you an analysis and our best advice. 

email the link to

                     or to



brainZoo GreenScreen


DSLR Lighting Workshop May 25 -26

Only TWO lighting workshops are scheduled for 2013. Don't miss 'em! Sign up today!

Take your digital films to the next level...

Learn the tips you need to know for great cinematic looks.  

We designed this workshop to follow the tremendously successful Canon Boot Camp strategy of Hands-on training mixed with Active Learning Drills.

  (Our Canon Boot Camp grads rank our workshop "more than I expected" or "couldn't ask for better.")

Everyone agrees you learn by doing not by watching.  We won't talk about how great we are and show you boring samples.  We will coach you to create fresh, new looks...on the real world.

 Hands-On Lighting Workshops
 Cost: $998 per person*
$1198 AFTER midnight on May 21st

No Refunds. Funds may be transferred to upcoming
Boot Camps or Workshops or private sessions.

           ( * See Discounts below for Canon Boot Camp Graduates.)

Our hands-on lighting workshop explores how to make the DSLR's image look its best in a variety of lighting setups. 

(Below are for samples from our Canon Boot Camp films.)
Cinema Verite
Cinema Verite (working with existing light) 

2 CaravaggioCaravaggio Lighting (sometimes called "Rembrandt")

Glamour Lighting
Glamour Lighting

Lighting for texture

4 Dramatic
Single Source

"Smokin Bokeh" (The aesthetic quality of the blur in the out-of-focus areas)

Learn to light like an Italian...with passion.


We can't promise to make you Italian but we can take you into the stunning lighting style of Caravaggio.  We hope to inspire you to really "eat with your eyes", and begin to think how you can bring life to your films. 

And then, we'll break the rules and experiment with unusual lighting set ups for fresh looks.  We'll cover some "budget" lighting fixture tricks, too.
Click the link below to sign up now for our two day, hands-on workshop at our Screenland Drive location one block from the Warner Brothers front gate. Lunch is served (Italian snacks will also be provided.)

Canon Boot Camp Graduates save $200!

If you've attended any of our past Canon Boot Camps, include your certificate number (or the date you attended) on your registration form for a $200 discount off the $998 investment into the class. Act now, there are only 2 Lighting Workshops scheduled for 2013, and this discount ends February 15th, 2013

Score an additional $50 rebate by referring others to the Canon Boot Camp or the Lighting Workshops!

Offer Expires: February 15th, 2013

Pro Level I Boot Camp Graduates -

Get Pro Level II!


When the Canon Boot Camp first started, Pro Level I and Pro Level II were available separately. As a result some of the first students never took Pro Level II.

As a Pro Level I Graduate, you can come back for both Pro Level I and Pro Level II for only $450! Refresh your knowledge and skills and get the full benefit of attending both classes at a 50% discount. Visit now to choose your date. Then call Trevor at 818-841-9660 or email him at Include your Pro Level I Cert # for faster processing.

This offer ends Feb 15th.