Wednesday April 3, 2013 at 1:00 PM PDT
Wednesday April 24, 2013 at 2:15 PM PDT

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Out & Equal 

2013 Dialogues on Gender Identity 

Equality in the workplace based on Gender Identity has emerged as a major focus for companies in all sectors and around the world.  If you get transgender-inclusive benefits points on the Corporate Equality Index, is that all your company needs to do?  If you identify as transgender, does that mean you will need to use the company transition plan or are you just changing your name and pronoun preference? If your ERG is working to be trans-inclusive, what are the best practices and what are some step by step ways to reach your inclusion goals? Finally, how might you handle basic gender-identity-related workplace situations that face HR professionals, managers, allies and LGBT employees? This 4-part webinar is a dialogue with gender identity experts Jamison Green, Ann Dunkin, Harper Jean Tobin, and Kylar Broadus to assist you in developing a strong knowledge base for successful workplace gender identity advocacy. Regardless of your current level of knowledge or where your organization is on the path to inclusion, you will benefit from this webinar series. 

The webinar series will cover:

April 3 – Part 1.  What are the issues? What are the metrics? The basis for Transgender Advocacy work - Hear from advocates who are working in the field around gender identity issues.  Understand the metrics with an overview of the research in Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey and what are the current trends from legal and community perspectives.

April 10 – Part 2.  How Gender Identity Intersects with LGB Workplace Advocacy – Discovering the history and development of the theory around  gender identity and bringing in the global perspective of WPATH Standards of Care and the situation around the world for transgender individuals.

April 17 – Part 3. Workplace Gender Identity Advocacy - Addressing the best practices and how to get there from here! – Looking at the major workplace issues facing transgender employees and the companies they work for.  This is the nuts & bolts of employment practices (policies & procedures and how to build and expand them).  Discussing transition planning, transgender health benefits, self identification work and more on how to manage the workplace.

April 24 – Part 4. Culturally Trans Competent Allies  – Discussing what it takes to build allies in the workplace.  How to create awareness and engage members of the LGB community.  Building coalitions with other Employee Resource Groups and community organizations

This course is open to all managers, HR Professionals, Employee Resource Group members and allies in corporate, non-profit, educational or governmental agencies. Each webinar is 75 minutes long. Support materials and slides decks will be provided if specified.  You will receive a confirmation email with all of the course details.