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Responsible citizenship in a virtual world

Cyberspace  continues to open new challenges for Internet users.  Although our way of communicating has changed, there still remains a code of ethical conduct for computer citizenship in a virtual world.  Even though we can’t always be identified in cyberspace, we still obey laws, respect others and behave in a way that we would expect others to treat us.

When we are driving, there are laws to follow: wear our seat belts, drive the speed limit, be courteous, and stop and go at the appropriate light.  Without them, driving would be confusing and dangerous.  In cyberspace, although the rules are different, there is a certain protocol to help us navigate safely.

We have heard instances of malicious cyber bullying that have had very tragic results.  We have heard about crimes directly related to Internet use. 

Every three months, we will be adding new material to this page.  We hope that teachers and students can open dialogue on what we post.

You can become a victim without realizing it.  BBB and Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana have teamed together to help you learn to “lurk before you leap.”  If you've been the victim of cyber scams, contact Marjorie Stephens at:

Let's begin the dialogue and work together! 

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