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Friday April 26th 2013 12 Noon

Sunday April 28th 2013 4:00 pm
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Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club
14318 Littlerock Road
Littlerock, WA 98662

(South of Olympia Washington)

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Mail Checks or Money Order to register or purchase Raffle tickets

John Shorb                                   PowderHorns and More                         PO Box 1922                                             Morro Bay CA 93443                           805-772-5367 



  • There will be a horn judging contest for three categories: 
  • Engraved Powder Horn,
  • Non Engraved Powder Horn
  • Horn Item NOT a Powder Horn. 
  • Prizes for 1st and 2nd place and ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 
  • You can enter items in all three categories if you want.

These are the prizes for the First and Second place winners of the Horn Making contest. The prizes will be a powder horn strap donated by the Weaving Welshman and nice cow horns donated by Powder Horns and More.Rabbit Horn

Powder Horn by Rick Froelich (New picture coming)

Vance Lancaster Screw tip

Lancaster Style Screw Tip horn by Steve Vance. 

WCHF Horn Making Prize






Scrimshaw Quality Cow horn  donated by Powder Horns and More. Red with black strap donated by The Weaving Welshman.

WCHF Horn Making Prize 2







Scrimshaw Quality Carvable  Cow horn.  Black with tan stripes strap was donated by The Weaving Welshman.

WCHF Horn Making Prize 3







This Scrimshaw Quality Cow horn donated by Powder Horns and More. Lynn has  incorporated bees wax into the fibers of this strap .Donated by The Weaving Welshman.


Hartley Horn Book


This hard back book was donated by Jeff Bibb at The Honourable Company of Horners.


Schippers Engraving Book












Ron Hess Powder Horn

 Ron Hess made this banded horn from the North Carolina Piedmont region. The base plug is persimmon and also the plug.  The tip is an applied tip.(lekhess@plantationcable.net)



(Prizes for attendees)

Traveling horn Oven!

Horn Oven Morrison Rase

by Dave Raze 

WCHF A Spinner Weaver Horn Strap

Annie MacHale OFFICIAL Horn Strap woven at the 2012 West Coast Horn Fair.


Sewing Kit by Steve Skillman

Sewing Kit by Steve Skillman

Carrick Prints

SET OF 3 PRINTS BY DAVID CARRICK donated by PowderHorns and More




West Coast Horn Fair

Raffle Tickets Only

You do not need to be present to win!

(Scroll down for The List of Prizes) 

Raffle Tickets 

These prizes are for the West Coast Horn Fair Raffle. You do not need to be present to win. You can buy tickets through this site up to April 23, 2013. After that, you can buy them at the event.

We will mail prizes to the winners after May 15th.

This form can be used for people not attending the event or to buy extra raffle tickets. 

Click Here to buy Tickets via Pay Pal 

Or send Check or MO before April 18th o

John Shorb PO Box 1922 Morro Bay CA 93443

100% of the proceeds pays for the event.


Raffle Prizes Available


NOT ALL PRIZES LISTED HERE. I am limited to only so many pictures.

Here is a list of items already donated to benefit future West Coast Horn Fairs.  Every penny generated by the raffles goes into the Horn Fair fund.  It either helps to pay for this year's event, or it is carried over to next year's excitement.   

Wild Willy Frankfort Box

Willy Frankfort, Master Horner of The Honourable Company of Horners made this 18th century horn box.  The oval box has a Federal eagle 1776 on one side and Liberty on the other.  

Polizzi 2 Straps and certificate for a custom strap

  1. Two woven powder horn straps. Plus a gift certificate for a CUSTOM powder horn strap.
  2. manufactured by Kris Polizzi. (3 total prizes) The Blue and white strap has a red with black stripe down the middle.  It is one inch wide and 54" long plus fringe. The black with red is 55" long and one inch wide. The both are soft and striking. 

WCHF A Spinner Weaver Horn Strap

A gift certificate for a custom strap by Annie MacHale.   .

She is the one who the official  2012 West Coast Horn Fair strap in Morro Bay, CA!  The strap pictured will be a door prize at the event.  You will have to be present to win. Crawdad

Banjo Style Day Horn by Jerry FrankCrawdad (Jerry Frank) donated this very nice Banjo Style horn.

It is a small day horn and NOT a priming horn. It can be filled with powder and placed in a pocket on the hunt. It holds about 14 - 70 grain shots.
The horn is capped with walnut sides with a horn spout. the Spout peg is made out of Hickory shaft, ebony fluted thumb hold, with a bone pin. 

Scott Sibley Southern Banded Horn

This Southern Banded Powder Horn was donated by Scott Sibley.  The horn measures 13" around the double curve.  Scott filed the horn to make it much lighter in weight. The tip is turned Whitetail antler and it done in two pieces as were the majority of original horns. The tip and bands are fastened with wooden pegs. There are four turned bands. The base plug is cherry, turned with a "wasp waist" design as per an original "Shenandoah Valley" horn that is in Scott’s collection.  The dark color is also like the original horn.

Scott Sibley Banded Horn book

One "The Southern Banded Horn" by Scott and Kathy Sibley, donated by Smoke and Thunder. Shannon Kirby attended the WCHF in 2012. He can be found at http://www.smoke-thunder.com


Scrimshaw knife by RaseEngraving Tool by David Rase

The tip is a Coulter Precision carbide point held in place with a set screw so the tip can be changed out when it gets dull.  Dave hand turned the brass holder and installed a blue grip cushion.  You can reach David  at davidrase@q.com

Hawkeye Horn strap from Movie

Wampum beaded Belt "Hawkeye Belt"    donated by Gary Bertelsen  

 This one of a kind horn belt is designed after the belt Daniel Day Lewis used as a horn belt in the movie "Last of the Mohicans". It is also known at the "Hawkeye Belt"  It measures (beaded portion) 50 inches  Gary can be reached at gbertels@insight.rr.com

One Round horn box with Horn Trim on lid by Tim Sanner 

Horn Box by Tim Sanner

Tim Sanner is a Journeyman Horner in the Honourable Company of Horners!  This little container is called a Horn Box. The box is made of cow horn with a walnut base. This is a piece anyone would be proud to own. 

Weaving Welshman Strap


Old Weavers StrapThe Weaving Welshman known as Lynn Blevens donated this 1 1/2 inch blue strap with gold and black stripes. 

Paul Moore from The Old Weavers of KY donated this lovely cotton black and white strap. They can be reached at hotrodtwins@aol.com

Horn Cup by Buchanan

Flint Cup donated by Rick Sheets Engraved horn cup by Brian Gibson.  He can be reached at


One "Real Men Shoot Flint" Coffee Cup, donated by Rick Sheets of JW Web Solutions.  http://www.jwwebsolutions.com/


Gary Bertelsen Beadee garter strapGary Berterlson also sent  a set of  ”Osceola” beaded garters.   These are based on the original piece at the National Museum of the American Indian. They say that the original set is associated with Osceola and included in a George Catlin painting.  

More Information

John and Linda Shorb horndust19@yahoo.com 805-772-5367                              West Coast Horn Fair 2013