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Friday April 12, 2013 at 7:00 PM EDT
Sunday April 14, 2013 at 5:00 PM EDT

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April Love 
f/32 Photo and Tremont Outdoor Resort 

Spring Wildflower Photography Workshop 2013

Think Spring, because it is just around the corner!  I can't wait to get back outside in some warmer temperatures and spend time in the Smokies as Mother Nature reawakens everything after Winter's nap.  That particular shade of green that appears as the trees begin to bud is one of my very favorites:)  What better way to celebrate Spring and all its beauty than to sign up for Tremont's Spring Wildflower Workshop led by Wilson Reynolds and Brett Wells?  No matter what the weather brings or the curves the blooming season may try to throw us, we always have a wonderful time together and manage to find a variety of beautiful blooms (some rare and difficult to locate).  Of course, there is an abundance of photographic instruction woven into the adventure as well.

If you have been with us before, well don't worry about getting bored (which if you have been with us before, you know chances of that are slim to none!), because we are planning on changing things up a bit and trying to explore some new territory.  Last year, we held the workshop at this same time because EVERYTHING bloomed was crazy!  This year, we decided to do the same because if the bloom is early, we'll be covered, but if it isn't, we'll get to explore all of the blooms that are usually long gone by the time we have the workshop.  Trout Lillies?  Yes, please!  So, we would love for you to join us on this year's adventure.  We only have room for 12 students though, so don't wait to register or they may be no spots left!  If you would like to see images from previous workshops, please visit the Tremont Blog.  If you would like to keep up with the happenings at Tremont Outdoor Resort and f/32 Photo, please like our respective facebook pages!

Here is some general information on the weekend.  Registration information and info on what to bring is at the bottom of the page.

*Once you have registerd, if for some reason you need to cancel, your registration fee for the photography workshop will be fully refunded minus a $10 processing fee as lone as we receive notice of your cancellation by April 1, 2013. 

Friday, April 12th 1pm-5pm  Pre-Workshop Intermediate Photoshop and Lightroom Skills Class

We will meet in the Rec Hall at Tremont Outdoor Resort.  Bring your laptops if you have them!

Friday, April 12th 7pm-9:30pm

We will meet in the Rec Hall at Tremont Outdoor Resort for a meet and greet to get to know everyone we will be spending the next two days with.  This is the time we will get to know more about your skill level, what type of equipment you will be using, and what wildflowers most interest you (if you have some favorites).  We will work out carpooling arrangements and talk about equipment that you are welcome to borrow for the duration of the workshop.  We will discuss plans and details for Saturday and Sunday as it is difficult to nail down specifics this far in advance due to weather and blooming season.  Of course, refreshments will be provided!

Saturday, April 13th

We will have breakfast available in the Rec Hall for anyone who is interested, probably sometime between 7am and 8am.  We will specify the time on Friday night depending upon where we end up heading out to on Saturday.   We typically spend all day Saturday out in the field shooting and come back to Tremont in time to share dinner in the Rec Hall and review images from the day.  We try to be near a town for lunch so that everyone can grab a bite to eat, or you are always welcome to pack your lunch as well.  We do recommend packing snacks to take with you as it can be a long day.  We may alter this pattern somewhat this year, but regardless, we will make sure that everyone gets to eat:)  One thing is certain, we do start as early in the morning as we can because that is when it is the least windy.  If you have ever photographed wildflowers before, then you know that little to no wind is key!

Sunday, April 14th

7am-8am - Breakfast in the Rec Hall for anyone who is interested. 

8:30am - 3pm - Photographing in the Park

4pm - Close and evaluation.  We'll meet in the Rec Hall one last time to evaluate images and answer questions.

Workshop Cost

If you are staying at Tremont Outdoor Resort on Friday, April 12th and/or Saturday, April 13th, the cost for the workshop will be $150 per person (spouses who tag along for the ride but are not photographing are not charged:)).  If you are staying somewhere other than Tremont Outdoor Resort, the cost for the workshop is $300 per person.  Snacks for the evaluation sessions and the meet and greet, breakfast both mornings, and dinner on Saturday evening are provided as part of your workshop cost.  All other meals are on your own.  Transportation into the National Park for the workshop sessions is also on your own, but we do recommend carpooling which will be arranged at the meet and greet.  It not only saves on gas, but it is so much more fun!  Also, we need to keep the number of vehicles in our caravan to a minimum so that parking throughout the Park is easier.  We will have walkie talkies in each car as well so that we can stay in contact and no one gets lost or left behind. 

Equipment to Bring

Digital SLR cameras are recommended, but not required.  If you have any of the following equipment, please bring it with you - a tripod, monopod, macro lens, circular polarizer or neutral density filter, and reflector.  Again, this equipment is not required, but recommended if you have it.  Also, bring your laptop if you have one.  Be sure to wear comfortable, yet sturdy shoes (preferably hiking boots) as we have a tendency to wander off the beaten path from time to time:).  If you have walking sticks that you use when hiking, bring those as well.  We will have tripods and an assortment of lenses for Canon and Nikon bodies that you are welcome to borrow and use throughout the workshop.  If you do not have a macro lens, don't worry, there are several other lenses that are not specifically macro, but have a relatively close focusing distance (for example, 24-70 and 18-200mm lens for Nikon and Canon).  Also, our Sigma representative (who also happens to be one of our instructors:)) will be with us which means that he will have a variety of Sigma lenses on hand for participants to try as well.  And one more can be muddy and we are usually down on the ground quite a bit, so if you have a gardening pad or something else you can use to put between you and the ground, that is helpful as well!

Accommodations at Tremont Outdoor Resort

If you choose to stay at Tremont Outdoor Resort while attending the Wildflower Workshop, we have several different types of accommodations.  You may choose from an RV site, a tent site, or one of our 4 different types of cabins.  For descriptions of cabins, please visit our website at  For this particular workshop, we are discounting our Standard and Premier cabins for participants.  Premier cabins will be $180 for two nights with and extra night at $90 if you would like to stay.  Standard cabins will be $140 for two nights with an extra night at $70.  Discounted rates for other types of accommodations will also be given to workshop participants, just ask for these when you call for reservations.  For anyone participating in the workshop and staying Friday and Saturday nights checking out on Sunday, checkout time will be extended to 7pm (or later if needed) on Sunday with our compliments due to the finishing time of the workshop.  To make your reservations, please call 865-448-6363.

How to Register

Register through this invitation by clicking "Register Now" at the bottom of the page.  Please remember that this only registers you for the photography workshop, you must make accommodation reservations by calling Tremont Outdoor Resort at 865-448-6363.

We look forward to seeing everyone!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email April at or call f/32 Photo at 865-934-0909.

Wildflower Workshop Instructors


 Wilson Reynolds has been a professional outdoor guide for most of his life, among many other things.  He has taught photography all over the country, including some of the most beautiful places - Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Alaska, and the Great Smoky Mountains.  His love of animals and the outdoors has been a natural fit in his photography and teaching career because he knows the patterns of animals and weather so well that he can prepare you to get the shot when it happens.  Wilson has work in galleries throughout the country and has been published in many books, magazines, and even commercials.  He also owns Tremont Outdoor Resort and f/32 Photo (a professional print lab and photo specialty retail store in Knoxville, TN), so if you were wondering why this workshop was brought to you by two distinctly different businesses, well that probably clears up a lot of things:)


Brett Wells is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge...seriously, just ask him a question.  In addition to being our Sigma representative, he is a talented photographer and instructor who loves spending as much time in these beautiful mountains as he can.  Brett has a BA in Graphic Design from Samford University in Alabama and an MA in Photographic Studies from the University of Westminster in London. While in London, he worked for a property management company and shot architecture for them for almost two years.  He then taught at the Art Institute of Atlanta for nearly seven years before leaving to become an independent representative.  While at the art Institute, he taught Principles of Photography, Large Format, Advanced Darkroom, Digital Darkroom, Photographic Design, and Photoshop and Advanced Principals of Photography.  He also led 5 different photo safari trips taking students abroad for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. 

In addition to his representative responsiblities at Sigma, he is also working to develop and implement the Sigma University program.  He also teaches at schools and camera stores on varieties of different photographic topics in the midst of all his travels.