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Trevor Clatterbuck 
Fresh Fork Market 


Monday March 11, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT

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Market Garden Brewery 
1947 West 25th Street
Cleveland, OH 44113

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"Rising" Dough:  Whole Grain Baking Workshop

At home, one of the most difficult things for me to do is use whole grains.  I'm fine using spelt berries or wheat berries in place rice, in salads, soups, or even casseroles, but I struggle with incorporating true whole grains into baking recipes.  

This course is a from the ground up explanation of whole grains, from how they are grown and processed, what to look for when shopping for whole grains, and, most importantly, baking with whole grain flours.  

Full details about the instructors and agenda can be found below.  The cost to this class is $25 and will include a recipe guide to take home and several samples throughout the night, including at least 3 whole wheat breads, a muffin, and crepes with local jam/honey.  There may be more...we tend to get carried away in the kitchen!

The event is on Monday, March 11th at Market Garden Brewery in the Ohio City Room (downstairs).  The event starts at 6:00 PM and goes until approximately 8:00 PM.  Please come prepared with your baking questions to ask our panel of experts! 

The instructors and agenda: 

Monroe Stutzman:  Monroe owns and operates Stutzman Farms in Fredericksburg, OH.  He works with local organic growers to produce small grains like oats, wheat, and spelt.  Monroe's side of the operation is the processing of the grains into flours.  Monroe will explain how small grains are grown, harvested, and processed.  His presentation will help you understand what you are shopping for:  hard winter wheat vs soft wheat, western wheats vs eastern wheats, gluten and protein, and the parts that make a true whole grain flour. 

Joel and Christina Kurtz:  Joel and Christina operate Healthy Heritage Farm in Wilmot, OH.  If you are a Fresh Fork Market subscriber, you are likely familiar with their whole wheat bread we sell at the back of the truck.  Joel and Christina will discuss how they have transitioned their family away from white flour, the health benefits and science behind fresh ground, whole grains, and of course, a bread baking demo of their true, 100% whole grain bread.  

Parker Bosley:  I'm sure you are all familiar with Parker by now.  He is former chef-owner of Parker's New American Bistro in Ohio City and currently, in his retirement, spends his days scrambling around to Fresh Fork Market events!  Parker loves bread, and he understands from the professional point of view the process of baking bread, correcting it, etc.  Parker will discuss the bread baking basics (water temp, proofing, kneading, oven temp, oven moisture, etc), how to adjust recipes to incorporate whole grains, and he'll also be preparing some doughs on site so you can see and feel what you should be looking for in the dough.