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BIG Breakfast: Tom Collins - The Language of Excellence 


What if every member of your organization shared a set of core beliefs that equipped each of them to handle anything that they might face on a daily basis, and gave you the confidence that they will do and say the right thing and make the right decisions every time?  

Tom Collins will share with you the business equivalent of a moral compass—a set of core beliefs, for handling anything business life throws at you.  But more importantly, he will give you the tools to instill that same set of core beliefs throughout your organization.  Using simple graphics and key words and phrases, The Language of Excellence simplifies and makes complex management concepts memorable. It becomes a shared language within your group or enterprise, and as that common language is used in day-to-day communications among team members it reinforces the sound management principals that can propel your organization to greatness. 

  • The Change Curve
  • K.A.S.H - Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Habits
  • Management Candy
  • Sub-Optimizing
  • Management Candy
  • Change by Decree
  • The Opportunity Wedge
  • Counting the Teeth

Tom Collins is one of the pioneer entrepreneurs of the information technology industry. He is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the use of technology in the legal community as the founder and former president of Juris®,  a leading provider of financial and business information systems for law firms. Juris, Inc. was acquired by LexisNexis® in 2007. 

In addition, Tom pens a series of mystery novels known as The Mark Rollins Adventures.   Guests this month will receive a copy of his latest book, The Claret Murders.