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The Academy for Private Duty Home Care


May 15 and 16, 2013

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Louisville Marriott East
1903 Embassy Square Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40299


ElderCare 4 Families

13806 Lake Point Circle #201
Louisville, KY 40223


Invites You to Go On A

Private Duty Field Trip

A unique experience where you and nine other owners will have the opportunity to spend one full day inside a $3 million+ private duty business.

Louisville, Kentucky
May 15-16, 2013

There’s no better way to learn how to grow your home care business into a multi-million dollar enterprise than to go deep inside with someone who has already done it.

The Private Duty Field Trip is a unique experience where you and eleven other owners will have the opportunity to spend one full day inside a $3 million + private duty business.  The owners will show you through their offices, introduce you to key team members, describe their organization structure, and show you their internal processes. 

Then you’ll have time to sit around the conference table and ask questions.  No holds barred. Ask anything you want. These incredible business owners are willing to open up their hearts, their minds, and their businesses to help you do what they have done … build a highly successful private duty business that makes a lasting impact on their clients, families, caregivers, and employees.  And, that makes a lot of money.

This event is limited to ten people.


Day One:

2:45 pm - Stephen Tweed will pick everyone up at the hotel and go
                   to Churchill Downs, home of the world famous                                     Kentucky Derby, where we will visit the Kentucky Derby                        Museum

5:00 pm - Travel to Galt House Rivue for dinner
6:00 pm - Dinner and Opening Reception at Galt House Rivue

Day Two:

(Breakfast on your own)
8:00 am – Stephen will pick up attendees from hotel and transport to Elder Care 4 Families

8:30 am – 11:30 am – Field Trip Tour

          Welcome and Introductions 
          Overview and History of the Business

          Insights into the business today
          Tour of office and meetings with key team members in small groups of 3 – 4

12:00 - 4:00 – Lunch at Limestone Restaurant and Q&A with the owners and key team members

4:00 – Stephen will transport everyone to airport or back to hotel.

Non-compete Notice:  This event is not open to private duty companies that operate in the Kentuckiana region (Louisville or Jefferson County, KY or New Albany, IN) or that might in any way be construed to compete with the host company.  Further, attendees from competing geographic/metropolitan areas cannot attend the same event - the first person to register from a specific area is automatically approved, but any subsequent registrants from the same geographic/metropolitan area will have to be approved to attend.

NOTE:  The registration fee covers your transportation from the hotel to the Derby Museum and dinner on Day One, the opening dinner/reception, lunch on Day Two and transportation back to the airport.  You need to cover your airfare, lodging, transportation to the hotel and breakfast on Day Two.

Private Duty Field Trip to Louisville KY to learn how to grow your home care business
Private Duty Field Trip to Louisville KY to learn how to grow your home care business

Meet Our Hosts
Elder Care 4 Families

Since 1981, ElderCare 4 Families has provided caring hearts and hands to individuals needing assistanceec4f 30 YEAR SEAL with everyday living.  Jeff and Rita Pate, along with their dedicated staff work closely with families in Kentucky and Southern Indiana by providing extraordinary home care to thousands of people.  This professional care is offered in a retirement or nursing home, an assisted living facility, hospital, or in a client’s own home. Wherever care is given, their caregivers become an extension of each client's family!  Elder Care 4 Families is a shining example of what you might like your business to look like in the future.  When you visit Elder Care 4 Families, you'll have the opportunity to see first hand a company that has demonstrated continuous client and caregiver satisfaction, efficient operations and above-average growth and profitability.  

There's no better way to get insights into how you can grow your business and get ready for the future than to spend this day  with the owners and managers inside one of America's leading private duty home care businesses.

You'll get to meet the team, look over the shoulders of their scheduling coordinators and client service coordinators. 

Take a few moments to visit the website of Elder Care 4 Families and also their Facebook page to get a more clear picture of the company you will be visiting during the Private Duty Field Trip.

Meet the Team

Your field trip experience will be hosted by an amazing team of people who are excited to share with you exactly how they run their business.

Pate familyRita and Jeff Pate founded this company because they wanted to provide personal care for people who demand the best resource available. “It’s important to find the right caregiver for our clients. Personal care is about companionship and ensuring that relationship is what we try to do best.”

ElderCare 4 Families employs certified nursing assistants, home health aides, caregivers, companions and homemakers to help clients maintain their independence. Their key purpose is to provide dignity, warmth and caring to whoever needs them, combining caring hands and hearts for personalized care with a loving touch.

Graceful Aging Program

One of the unique features of ElderCare 4 Famlies is their Graceful Aging Program.  Using the services of their Senior Advocates, the Graceful Aging Program is designed to provide a personalized touch for clients and family caregivers to assure peace of  mind, quality of life, and independence.  This program is also closely tied to the Safe 4 Hire system that assures that ElderCare 4 Families hires only the highest quatliy caregivers.  

Our Field Trip Hotel

Guests joining us for The Private Duty Field Trip can stay at Louisville's newest full-service luxury hotel: Louisville Marriott East, which is just a short distance from ElderCare 4 Families.  We have arranged for a group rate at the Louisville Marriott East, and you will receive reservation information in your registration confirmation email.

We'll have our opening night reception and dinner at The Galt House Rivue overlooking downtown Louisville.

A Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  There is no other opportunity to spend a couple of days in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky and be able to explore a highly successful private duty home care company, pick the brains of the owners and management team, and have time to relax and enjoy a few days of vacation.

Don't delay.  Register today!

Space is limited to 10 people.  Don't miss your chance.