Tuesday April 2, 2013 at 1:00 PM PDT
Tuesday April 9, 2013 at 1:00 PM PDT

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Q Wilson 
Out & Equal 

Building Employee/Business Resource Group Value 

One of the key criteria for a successful LGBT inclusive workplace is the presence of an active, committed Employee or Business Resource Group (ERG/BRG) that includes LGBT and ally members.  Once this group gets started, how do you create the opportunities to influence corporate policies, benefits and climate and expand your own professional development.  This two part Out & Equal University course will look at how to evaluate your ERG/BRG by looking at the best practices around talent, strategy, metrics and executive leadership involvement.  Discover and share the step by step process to reach your inclusion goals and create the tools you need to move to the next level of your organizational development.  

This course can provide HR professionals, managers, allies and LGBT employees valuable networking and skills to increase the alignment of your ERG/BRG with your corporations business goals, make a difference for LGBT workplace equality and add to your own professional development. The webinar series will cover (each session is 75 minutes and will cover the following topics):

April 2 – Part 1.  How Do You Measure Up?  Gerry Lupacchino, Partner at Global Novations, will teach you how to utilize the right metrics and the best methods to demonstrate business value for your organization. These two critical challenges facing all ERG/BRGs or affinity groups. This webinar provides tools that can be used when you are first starting an ERG/BRG and what to consider when creating the business case for the group.  More importantly, the tools provided can be used to refocus and energize existing ERG/BRGs and support attaining key strategic goals for the group. Join Gerry and Out & Equal to explore the challenges, opportunities and best practices of what an ERG can contribute to your organization and its employees.

April 9 – Part 2.  Executives and Allies, oh my!  Join Nancy Mace, Out & Equal Director of Community Empowerment and a panel of ERG/BRG leaders and executive sponsors who will detail the important role of developing allies and executive sponsors.  The discussion will center around how to develop these relationships and then how to leverage their support in not only the day to day work of the ERG/BRG but how to strategically use the expertise of allies and executive sponsors to make changes in the workplace.  This webinar will also provide you with the opportunity to discuss your current issues in your ERG/BRG and hear from a network of peers on best practices they have developed to address issues of creating a fully engaged ERG/BRG.