Tom Regehr 
CAST Canada 


Thursday June 27, 2013 from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM EDT

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Elmhirst Resort, Rice Lake, Keene, ON 
1045 Settlers Line, Keene, ON K0L 2G0
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You are a frontline service provider, health or helping professional in any of the following areas: mental health, housing, employment, income support, Ontario Works, ODSP, shelters, outreach programs, addictions, sexual assault services, child protection/Children’s Aid Society, Acquired Brain Injury services, nursing and emergency room staff, at risk youth, community support services, probation and parole, private practice, etc. 

Trauma, Addiction and Today's Frontline Work:
Making sense of a complex, demanding world

An exchange of information, opinions and ideas
with CAST Canada, your colleagues and You!

A gentle, useful day of story, information and discussion, exploring the full range of experience for today's frontline worker and the sources of opportunity and stress. The best and most valuable parts of CAST Canada. We will honour the complex nature of this work. validate your ideas, look at successful coping strategies for growing and thriving as you are changed by your work.

Thursday June 27th, 2013
-  $150 + hst per person  - Includes Coffee, Lunch, Parking and Handouts
8:30 - 4pm

To ensure a high quality discussion participation will be limited so register now!
We will host a 2nd event if there is suitable interest. 

Gather tools to be more effective and knowledge to be more confident in your work.   Register Now

“Participating in one of Tom’s workshops  reminds us of why
have chosen the work we do  ... It fills us with hope."    

Karna Trentman, Supervisor, ConnexOntario Health Services Information

About the Location:

Elmhirst Resort Airview

Elmhirst Inn is a lovely resort on Rice Lake. It is well known for it's food and easy to find.
Please check out the website, LINK

About the Day:

Tom Regehr uses story, humour and quick, interactive exercises relating to the realities of trauma, addiction, and the struggles of frontline work. 

Ideas covered include ...

A sample of the most popular segments of CAST Canada workshops.

The Craving Continumm:
Real and relevant understanding of triggers and cravings. What are cravings really like? What is a 'critical craving'?

The often horrible, 'crazy-making' reality of withdrawals.

How to look at conversation about 'relapse' as an amazing opportunity, and talk about it with your clients, with ease.

'The Petri Dish':
A very unique concept honouring the value of relationships that are short or of limited scope

We will cover the essence of the Tomorrow Does Not Exist workshop, gathering a deep, intuitive grasp of the ways people who have suffered series of losses and traumatic experiences get to a place where Tomorrow Does Not Exist and what to do about it!  This material comes from having held more than  85 CAST Canada panel discussions in Ontario since 2003.

We will ask you about your experiences with high energy around the idea of 'professional boundaries', the 'leave your work at the door' myth and the divide between the personal and the professional. This is always lively, often very productive.

We will not deliver a simplistic formula for success. We will honour the complex burden of the work, validate the ideas with plain language, gather individual strategies for coping, growing and thriving as you grow and are changed by the work.

The Agenda by Intent:

  • Get to know what you do, where, for who
  • Explore your goals/expectations/stance towards our work
  • Explore facts about addiction, the stark reality, how it affects people
  • Deliver an intuitive grasp of trauma/loss/unresolved grief, how it affects people
  • Look at the work environment.
  • Gather value from the day that will be meaningful and remain with you ...
Outcomes: You will ...
    Be more able to discuss and work with people at various stages of concern with addiction, trauma.
  • Be more comfortable and effective with folks who are "Perpetually Angry and Profoundly Stuck"
  • Feel validated and heard around the stress of frontline work today
  • Come away refreshed and validated
  • Share similar experiences with colleagues, receive validation and new tools, new approaches to balance
  • Have some fun, meet people who you can relate to.


“Participating in one of Tom’s workshops  reminds us of why we have
chosen the work we do  ... It fills us with hope."    

Karna Trentman, Supervisor, ConnexOntario
Health Services Information

" Tremendously insightful. Compassionate. Valuable. CAST workshops introduced me to a safe,
comfortable environment where I could move from the space in my head (knowledge) to the place
in my heart.  The information I receive from Tom’s workshops cannot be found anywhere else
The tools I have taken from these workshops have been tremendously useful in my walk with
the women I support. I  feel as though I’m enveloped in a space where we can talk about the
difficult places in our work in an open and honest way.  The workshop provides an opportunity
to explore, and discuss and learn from the presenters and from each other.  I walk away from
the day feeling enriched and nourished."

Cathy Middleton, Director of Women's Services
YWCA Kitchener Waterloo

Moderator / Host:  Tom Regehr of CAST Canada. CAST Canada has been hosting workshops and conferences since 2004, with the goal of educating helping professionals to help reduce the suffering of the folks they support.  He is a sought after speaker and consultant running analytic and motivational processes for agencies, networks  and government ministries.   Feel free to contact us or visit the website for more information  

   Questions?                 Email CAST Canada                1-705-749-6145