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Your Inner Universe

All the Universe is within you

Our Faciltator Jacqueline Marie
is a master metaphysician and pioneer in the development of the inner resources of mind, body and spirit. A  holistic practitioner, known for her down-to-earth style and knack for empowering personal
potential, Jacqueline is the author of a new book on personal and planetary transformation.

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INNER UNIVERSE Network  gives ongoing support for self empowerment by learning to access more of your own inner guidance. When you travel with us - in your own Inner Universe - here's what you can expect: 


As a subscriber to this network, you'll experience breakthroughs that change your life for the better - immediately and directly from within your own mind.  

HOW THIS WORKS . . . Every week we gather (via phone & skype) to travel within. These inner journeys have proven miraculous results! Our network community also shares about these experiences in a private forum that gives all subscribers an ongoing boost. And recordings of these gatherings (expertly guided inner journeys, plus tools and tips for transforming your life) are also available for individual application, at your own scheduling convenience.

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More of what you can expect - and how you will benefit - as an subscriber: 

ACTIVATE YOUR INFINITE INNER RESOURCES  Your Inner Universe has resources to improve every aspect of life. Join us to activate - from within - exactly what you need and want in your life right now! More success and prosperity, better relationships and inner harmony and improved physical well being are yours for the asking - Once you learn to connect with the untapped resources of your own spirit and mind.   

 RESTORE INNER BALANCE and PEACE of MIND  Inner Balance is crucial to a healthy body-mind-spirit.  Imbalances are reflected in the mirror world around us  by career stress, relationship conflicts and ill health.  Your Inner Universe holds the key to restoring balance and peace of mind within.

 ACCESS INNER GUIDANCE  Others can offer us advice - but no one else's opinion is ever as valid
and valuable as your own inner guidance. Your participation in INNER UNIVERSE network will bring to light your own innate wisdom - for a more positive direction in life. 

BECOME MORE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE Your personal potential is unique in all the universe. Our weekly inner journeys will connect you to this higher potential and just the right resources to give you a boost and a clearer direction. 


       You just have to do it - to realize the incredibly positive ways your life will change!
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Weekly Gatherings with fascinating inner journeys PLUS tips and tools for exploring and awakening the infinite resources of Your Inner Universe for a most fulfilling life - and share in a unique positive online community!

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 Weekly "live" Gatherings, via phone or skype within a positive private network; each gathering includes tools and tips to navigate your own Inner Universe plus amazing inner journeys! Plus you'll have private access to our network's interactive forum for sharing insights and tracking your personal transformation results.  

All  INNER JOURNEYS apply  an amazing BREAK-THROUGH process for UNDOING past limits and blocks you've encountered that have previously inhibited your personal potential.

Your inner exploration with us will give you an immediate and ongoing energy boost, a more positive perspective and improved inner balance, self esteem and harmony in your life!  

Your subscription is renewable quarterly. Most who join us never leave - come and find out why!


"This process has powerful tools for personal growth. . . I recommend it for the brave adventurers
who want to know who are - really!"  James Kavanaugh, poet and author