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Intensive Accent Workshop May 11, 2013  1-5 p.m.


Lisa Jeffery, MBA, MA 
Speech and Accent Academy 


When:   (Saturday Workshop 1-5 p.m)

May 11, 2013

Cost:  $180 


Speech and Accent Academy 
11890 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33184

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Lisa Jeffery, MBA, MA

"The Paramedic Speech Coach"


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Accent Reduction Miami

Accent Reduction Intensive Workshop
For non-native English speakers

  • Individual diagnosis and counseling on how to correct your accent
  • Learn to detect and hear your own mistakes & mispronunciation
  • Identify your own trouble sounds, learn how to improve them
  • Use the right stress and intonation patterns in English
  • Incorporate the new sounds into your everyday speech
  • Improve your confidence in meetings or on the telephone
  • Pronounce your vowels correctly in English
  • Articulate the consonants at the end of words
  • Learn the 4 things you can do NOW to improve your accent!
    Course Description
    In this intensive workshop, students will get an assessment on their problem sounds and habits and learn techniques on how to correct their speech.  Accent Reduction training helps non-native English speakers learn how to make the sounds correctly and improve their accent.  In each language, we make different sounds; we have different stress patterns, rhythm, and intonation patterns.  We actually move our tongue, our teeth and our jaw differently.  Learning how to make these sounds correctly is a separate process from learning grammar and vocabulary of English. The training is fun, lively and intense.  Lisa Jeffery teaches in a way that you will enjoy the process of reducing your accent and improving your articulation.  We work on vowels, consonants, articulation, stress and intonation, word order, phrasing, and vocabulary.  You will learn proven correction techniques and practice casual speaking, reading out loud and public speaking. The class offers a workbook and practice materials for you to practice at home.

Cost: $180.00       


Here's What People are Saying about Lisa's Classes:

 “I hired Lisa Jeffery for accent reduction when I was asked to be co-host on the Today Show. In Miami, Lisa showed me how to reduce my accent considerably. I enjoyed working with Lisa — she helped me make an amazing breakthrough during the training. I highly recommend her!”
Maria Celeste Arrarás, NBC Co-Host, The Today Show

My husband and myself recommend Lisa Jeffery very much. Our objective was to reduce our Spanish accent as much as possible. We are very happy with the results of our lessons. This was possible thanks to Lisa who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional and enjoyable to be with. She is very resourceful and is committed to helping her students learn the precise way to pronounce every sound in the English language. We had a great time and our lessons made a difference for us! 
Rocio Diez de Bonilla and Guillermo Gomez del Campo, Head of Americas Strategy Citigroup

"I wanted to be able to put on an American accent as I am an actor from Spain, who would like to pursue an acting career in the United States. Lisa helped me with the process and my accent improved tremendously. I then attended the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. All foreigners, as well as some Americans, immediately assumed that I was American! That's only when I didn't get sloppy and forgot to use the tips that Lisa gave me.  Lisa's voice, accent, and diction are flawless as well as charming. If I weren't in New York I would still be going for more coaching sessions!  Mario Cabases, Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute

Lisa Jeffery has been teaching Speech and Accent Reduction in Miami since 1998.  Her Speech and Accent Academy offers monthly classes and private executive coaching.  Her clients include international celebrities and top executives of Fortune 500 companies.
Lisa teaches Advanced Business English at Florida International University's International MBA Program, and Masters in International Business program.  She teaches Speech, Voice & Articulation, and Persuasion at Barry University.  Lisa offers private coaching, group classes and corporate seminars on location of over the internet. Contact Lisa Jeffery for a free consultation, she can advise the best program for you or for your organization! 

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  • Building Confidence and Self Esteem
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Email Lisa if you are interested in other classes & coaching

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