All Tele-Classes begin July 15, 2013 @ 1:30pm ET

Basic Program ends week of November 2013

Complete Program ends week of  April 2014

Deluxe Program ends week of July 2014

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This is a Tele-Class / online event.

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Faye Landey 
Faye Landey and Sylvia Haskvitz, Certified CNVC Trainers 
404-863-3289 (Faye's Cell)

C.A.L.F Summer Program 2013 

  Introducing the C.A.L.F. Program

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Designed to support facilitators of NVC

This program is for all facilitators - on the certification track or not!

To support knowing, teaching and living NVC in integrity with the values of NVC consciousness and to work together in community with support and play. 


Enhance Learning and Knowing through trainer led teleclasses, group community calls, and personal mentoring

Experience Living NVC through practice pods, peer empathy squads, mediation, restorative circles and community project(s)

Expand compentence and confidence for Teaching by facilitating, leading, being and doing

Embrace collaboration, ease, accessibility, and mutuality


MENTORING SERVICES (Primarily offered by Faye)

Personal Growth opportunities for deep exploration and healing

Guided Self-Assessment for determining your NVC skill edges


Support to hone those edges into competencies

Guidance, coaching and review of CNVC Certification Packet to   maintain focus and accountability

Other services based on requests of candidate

Full details of the program can be found at this link: