Consultant Connection 2013 - 1


Donna Schmid 
Talo Analytic International, Inc. 

Consultant Connection 2014

If you have been thinking about joining Paperitalo Publications' Consultant Connection Group, now is the perfect time. The publicity and training we offer here is worth thousands of dollars.



* Monthly webinars on timely topics about the business of being a consultant.

* Advertising on the Consultant Connection page on Nip Impressions.


* 15 second personal commercials on Pulp & Paper Radio International at least 12 times per year.


* Membership in the private Consultant Connection group.


* Ability to participate in up to 5 TALOtech groups on LinkedIn (connections to pulp and paper mill managers and operators).


* Articles on PPE (Pulp & Paper Expertise) Page on Nip Impressions with editing/ghost writing help from Paperitalo Publisher & Editor Steve Roush.


* Editing/ghost writing help with Steve for one major presentation paper per year to any conference put on by any organization.


* Preferred presentation publicity at the LGMI Conference each year.


* Scrolling text banners in key PaperMoney and Nip Impressions departments.


* Preferential listings in subject areas in the Paperitalo Supplier Directory.


* Personal calls any time with Jim Thompson.


We hope you will join us today.