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An Evening with Dusty Smith and the Cult of Dusty 


Saturday August 3, 2013 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM PDT
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Tickets are $10, $15 at the door

Seating is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot in hell today!


Balboa Park Club - Santa Fe Room 
2144 Pan American Rd W
San Diego, CA 92101

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After Party

We have found the perfect spot a few miles north of Balboa Park with appetizers, full menu and bar, creative cocktails plus 24 American craft and microbrews on tap!  We will have our own area, and lots to talk about after our evening with Dusty! Specific details and maps will be available to registrants and at the event!


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An Evening with Dusty Smith

The most controversial comedian on planet earth!

Dusty Smith is the founder and leader of the "Cult of Dusty". He has created over 160 YouTube videos that promote atheism, humanism and skepticism with humor, logic, and the liberal use of profanity.

Banned in 47 countries, marked for death by Muslim extremists, and hated by billions of Christians all over the world... he must be doing something right!

After spending the first 30 years of his life as an evangelical Southern Baptist, Dusty began to research Christianity in order to prove its veracity to an atheist friend. He would later say his faith was "crushed by the evidence against it." Soon after, he started the Cult of Dusty YouTube channel with the aim of mocking religion and promoting atheism and rational thought. The Cult of Dusty is currently one of the most popular atheist channels on YouTube, with tens of thousands of subscribers and millions of video views worldwide. Watch here.

In addition to his achievements as an atheist activist, Dusty is the author of the award winning novel "7 Deadly Sins", and lead singer of the alternative/rap group "Eliterate Einstein". For more information about Dusty, visit his website.

Dusty still holds a bit of a grudge against those who indoctrinated him into the "Southern Baptist Cult" as a small boy in MIssissippi. During our evening together he will entertain us with the story of how he freed himself from the grasp of the Southern Baptists and embarked upon his mission to "mock religion to death". The highlight of the evening will be watching several Cult Of Dusty videos — specifically selected for the San Diego audience — complete with live commentary from Dusty. You will also see the videos recently endorsed and shared by Richard Dawkins on his website and on Twitter.

Our evening raps up with Q&A, and then... the After Party (details to be arranged).

Dusty Smith, leader



Please be advised that if you object to profanity, this is probably not the event for you! The subject matter of Cult of Dusty videos and Dusty's commentary is intended for adults... ONLY.

Tap Jesus to watch an early COD video (remember, you've been warned about the language)"Jesus Returns" by Dusty Smith