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Online Harassment Prevention Training

For Libraries

With harassment claims on the rise, protecting your employees and library is more important than ever! Harassment prevention training is an effective means of reducing and preventing claims, and is a vital element of your library's overall employee education program.

The Mid-America Library Alliance (MALA) is offering affordable online harassment prevention training specifically for libraries to help you fulfill your annual training requirements and assist you in preventing frivolous lawsuits.

Presented in a webcast format, there are both Staff and Supervisor versions of the training, along with a web-based testing component with excellent reporting features.

In addition to being specifically for libraries, our training is unique because we can:   

  • Customize the presentation for your library!
  • Upload your policy to your own webcast shell
  • Select specific test questions from a stock of 50 and/or create ones based on your policy
  • Update training content easily and quickly
  • Emphasize current hot trends such as Social Media Harassment, which is featured in our material!
  • Provide you custom reports from the assessment testing feature

Testing Component:

Assessment question types include True/False, Yes/No, Choose the Best Answer, and Multiple Choice. Sample assessment questions include:

  1. Anything I post on my own Facebook or Twitter accounts or my own blogs cannot be considered in workplace harassment investigations. TRUE or FALSE
  2. Is this an example of sexual harassment? A patron asks a branch employee for a date and she declines. The patron still visits the library regularly after that, but he never asks again. YES or NO
  3. A supervisor may face more severe discipline than a subordinate would receive for engaging in the same conduct. TRUE or FALSE

Our assessment reporting tools allow you to track who has taken the testing, the testing date and time elapsed to take the test, number of tries, and test score.

Customization Features:

Your registration includes a one-time customization for your library. This customization includes:

  • Creating your library's custom webcast shells (one shell per webcast version)
  • Uploading your policy and any other documents or forms you would like to include in each webcast shell
  • Creating assessment testing accounts for your employees (All employee names, e-mail addresses, and designated webcast versions need to be provided at the same time, please)
  • Selecting the assessment questions from our bank and/or creating questions based on your policy and organization
  • Testing settings, such as minimum passing score, number of retakes allowed, any time limits to set, and messaging regarding completion, passing and not passing.
  • Three sets of instructions with links - one for the primary contact coordinating the training and two for the primary contact to distribute to employees (one for staff and one for supervisors)


Tiffany Hentschel, SPHR, has worked in Human Resources in the public sector for over 20 years, with more than nine years at the Johnson County Library. She has facilitated training for MALA, Kansas State Library, Mid-America Regional Council, Sunflower Consultants, and several Kansas and Missouri libraries.   


Included in the cost is a one-time customization per library. Additional requests for customization may be charged an additional fee.

  • MALA Member (up to 25 staff members registered): $10 per person for either course
  • MALA Member (over 25 staff members registered):  $8 per person for either course
  • Non-Member (up to 25 staff members registered):    $20 per person for either course
  • Non-Member (over 25 staff members registered):     $18 per person for either course 

If you are purchasing training for a group (more than one individual registration), please contact Kirsten Myers directly to register. All staff member names, designated webcast versions, and e-mail addresses need to be submitted at the same time, please.

Webcast Running Times:

  • Harassment Prevention Training for Library Staff runs approximately 1:25.
  • Harassment Prevention Training for Library Supervisors runs approximately 1:42.

These webcasts are presented as videos, and viewers may pause during the presentation. If the presentation needs to be restarted after being stopped completely or logged out, the stopping point is not saved. However, viewers are able to scroll the video to where they left off.

After you register:

Once you register, you will be contacted so that we can set up your testing and provide instructions for that component.

For more information on these training modules and customization options, please contact Kirsten Myers.