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About Melissa D. Whitaker

Melissa D. Whitaker is a sales & management expert, business consultant and published best-selling author who helps executives and their teams achieve alignment and drive profitable sales. After 16+ years of proven sales & management results with leading organizations - Impact Networking, Toshiba America Business Solutions & Chicago Office Technology Group (COTG/GISX/XEROX), Melissa founded Melissa Whitaker International.


Monday - Friday
8:30am-12:30pm CDT, each day.
August 12, 2013 to August 16, 2013
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This is an online event. 



Melissa Whitaker 
Melissa Whitaker International 

Pros Elite & MWI Top Gun Sales Training

The Pros Elite Group has partnered with MWI (Melissa Whitaker International) to offer the most responsive, Office Imaging Industry specific, basic sales training program.  This Web based and Instructor led program will allow any dealer of any size the access to world class, skills based training, for New Hire Sales professionals.  The Pros Elite Group is renowned for bringing break through training offerings like its Advanced Hybrid Service Management, Independent Dealer Executive Academy, and now Basic Sales Skills training to the Office Imaging Dealer Network. 

Melissa Whitaker’s background in training began with Global Imaging Systems largest company and now extends to Office Imaging Dealer and Manufacturer organizations throughout North America.  The Pros Elite Group and Melissa  firmly believes that understanding the basics of sales as a fundamental foundation to your career is just as important as flight school is for fighter pilots.  The Pros Elite / MWI’s Top Gun Sales Training will coach you in the areas of sales skills development, effective planning & territory management.

Not only will the basics be vital to your success, the real life testimonials will illustrate the importance of how revenue – generating activities along with a consultative approach, will make you phenomenally successful.

The five consecutive days of Instructor led training includes the following Skills development areas:

Time & Territory Management
Participants will learn the importance of planning and how these necessary steps can either catapult them in their career, or the lack of planning can destroy them.  Participants will learn the importance of: 

  •  Utilizing a planner/schedule.
  •  Developing a 30/60/90 forecast.
  •  Using the S.M.A.R.T. technique in setting goals.
  •  Understanding “time traps”.
  •  The benefits of using database management.

Effective Prospecting
Participants will learn how to qualify prospects and build relationships with them.  Participants will also:

  • Learn how to cold call in the field.  (role playing included)
  • Learn how to set more appointments by effectively cold calling on the phone. (role playing included)
  • Identify what opportunities to look for.
  • Understand how to fill a sales funnel with correct ratios of opportunities.
  • Understand what information needs to be gathered on a call or in the field.
  • Learn how to decipher between a good prospect and a poor prospect.
  • Effectively set “qualified” appointments and have “move-forward commitments.”

Conducting Effective 1st  Appointments
Participants will learn how to be “business advancers” by asking strategic questions that will uncover needs and client pains.  Participants will also:

  • Learn the 6 steps to conduct an effective appointment (role playing included).
  • Discuss how to build rapport with new clients and be a “farmer” with current clients (cultivate satisfaction and grow accounts – deeper, wider, broader).
  • Explore steps on gathering necessary information to determine if there is a match between your company and the client.

Understand the Competition
Participants will learn that it is not only important to know your Company’s strengths, weaknesses & product specifications, it is also vital to know who and what you are competing against.  Participants will receive an overview of industry players, and:

  • Exercises on understanding who your competitors are and what each one’s strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Understand how to position your dealership for success against competition.

Writing Winning Proposal
Participants will learn how to create and present a compelling study/solution that will show your “Value Proposition” to the client’s needs.  Participants will also:

  • Investigate the 10 components of a winning study/proposal.
  • Preview multiple samples of effective proposals.

Closing for a Partnership
Participants will learn how to recognize verbal and non-verbal buying signals from clients, and how to respond to them using a variety of closing (partnering) techniques.  Participants will also:

  • Learn the 3 types of buyers.
  • Explore 10 closing techniques.

Proactively Handling Objections
Participants will learn how hearing client objections do not need to be a frustrating experience.  Instead they should be road maps to guide us on better understanding our client’s goals and how we can align our solutions to help them achieve them.  Participants will also:

  • Learn the 4 steps on handling concerns and objections.
  • Discuss the typical industry objections and multiple ways of handling each.
  • Discuss the objections don'ts.

Pros Elite Members

Please note, if you are a Pros Elite Member contact Ryan Smythe at or call Toll-Free 1-855-PROS-ROI, (855-776-7764) and press prompt "0". All non-members may also register by clicking the blue "Register" button below.