Saturday November 23, 2013 at 11:00 AM PST
Saturday January 18, 2014 at 12:00 PM PST

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This is a 7-week program of live telegatherings. 



Julie Dittmar 
True Divine Nature 

The Angel Academy 7-Week Telegatherings with Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar 

A Telecourse Series to Awaken the Light of the Soul and Manifest your Highest Potential

Ever since Matt Kahn began offering his profoundly healing transmission of presence, nearly everyone who came into contact with him was amazed at his life-changing experiences with angels, ascended masters, and the Galactic Council. As Matt shares his direct experiences of attending the Angel Academy, where human beings undergo a process of energetic initiation to become awakened multi-dimensional expressions of spirit in action, many felt a yearning to attend such a school.

As the demand for Matt’s time and intuitive counsel in private sessions continues to increase, he was instructed by the Ascended Masters to create an Angel Academy on Earth, so that everyone who desires to fulfill their soul’s highest mission by completing the process of energetic initiation or awakening can do so at this time. It was also important for the Angel Academy to be virtual, so everyone could participate from all corners of the globe. As Matt received a download from the Ascended Masters, the creation of the Angel Academy nearly instantaneously came to life.

This is why we are so happy to invite you to participate in this profoundly healing and life-changing 7-week telecourse. It is an opportunity to explore the energetic aspects of awakening from a fifth and eighth dimensional perspective, which allows your soul’s journey to blossom with ease, joy, peace, and love every step of the way. As always, this telecourse will include Matt’s energetically-charged transmission of presence to help raise your vibration and expand your energy field, as you are upgraded into higher timelines of miraculous possibility.

The intention of the Angel Academy is to act as your virtual activation chamber, where you can celebrate the radiance, wholeness, and perfection of your soul’s highest potential without needing problems, imbalances, dilemmas, and dramas to inspire you into more heart-centered, conscious action. If you are ready to play at full capacity and shine brighter than ever before, then you are ready to join this 7-week journey. 

Along with energy updates and time for your questions, the Angel Academy will cover subjects such as:

  • Redefining the role of a light worker in the 5th dimension
  • Understanding how energy works in the new paradigm
  • The upgrade and download process of an energetically-sensitive being
  • Exploring the rising and grounding of kundalini energy
  • The truth about clearing/cutting cords, karma, and activating chakras
  • Integrating the shadow self
  • Unraveling biological conditioning to dissolve the ego
  • Connecting with your Divine guidance and living in the flow of ease and joy
  • Merging the mind into the heart as a celebration of oneness

As a participant in the Angel Academy, you will reclaim your power by awakening the light of the soul and embodying the high vibrational energy of your home frequency, so the fabric of reality can be transformed for the liberation and well-being of all. If you’re ready to discover a brand-new paradigm of consciousness that unites the path of awakening with the mystical realms of magic and miracles, we invite you to join us for a deeply healing spiritual adventure. It’s the perfect way to finish out 2013, move with ease and grace through the holidays and family gatherings, and welcome in the new year! Please join us.

Q: How Do I Call-In?

A: All the details about how to call in, and the phone number and access code to join the calls will be given out once you have registered for the program. They will be emailed to you with a reminder about a week before the first call on November 23.

Q: What Are the Live Call-In Dates?

A: The call dates are as follows:

Call #1 – Sat. Nov. 23, 11am-Noon Pacific time

Call #2 – Sat. Nov. 30, 11am-Noon Pacific time

Call #3 – Sat. Dec. 7, 11am-Noon Pacific time

Call #4 – Sat. Dec. 21, 11am-Noon Pacific time

Call #5 – Sat. Jan. 11, 11am-Noon Pacific time

Call #6 – Sun. Jan. 12, 11am-Noon Pacific time

Call #7 – Sat. Jan. 18, 11am-Noon Pacific time

Q: What if I Cannot Listen to All the Calls Live? Do I Get Recordings of the Calls?

A: Whether or not you can attend some or all of the calls live, you will have full access to each call’s playback, and you will also receive all 7 of the mp3 recordings of the whole series to listen to and re-listen to at your convenience. The links will be sent out within a hour of the conclusion of each of the calls. And, a final email with the link to all 7 recordings will be sent out to all participants at the end of the series and will be available for several weeks for you to download, as well.

 Q: How Can I Ask a Question?

A: You can hit *6 on your phone’s keypad to get in the queue to ask your question when it is announced that we are taking questions. You can also email questions in advance of the call to:  The phone number and access code to join the calls will be emailed to you the week before the first November 23 call.

We look forward to taking this journey with you, and welcome you home, beautiful Earth angel!

Abundant love and blessings,
Julie & Matt