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Driving Directions


Stop Trying to Fit a Square Peg

in a Round hole!

You can learn to date smarter!!!

Hello Daters!

In my many years as a therapist, counselor and relationship coach I have talked to many people who have struggled with finding a life partner who shares their values and treats them well.  As I've shared my ideas and insights for how to date better and select a partner, I am often asked why I have not  designed a "dating manual" or workshop to share all of the tips and techniques I've learned and developed over the years in my practice.

Well, I've finally done it - and here it is

I...DateSmarter, "The Workshop".

Hi. I'm Gina Schuchman, a licensed clinical social worker and therapist,  with over 32 years real world experience as a relationship expert. I've designed my  Workshop to help those new to the dating world, as well as those who have been dating a while, to break the learn how to date smarter from the outset or break negative patterns of bad relationships once and for all with effective, "hands-on" tools, tips and solutions. 

We all view the world from different perspectives based on our own life experiences. And many view dating much like they do a partner at a dance. While our styles, views and approaches may vary, we all want the same thing:  A happy and fulfilling relationship. 

Sadly, too many times we try to force a round peg In  a square hole and wonder why it does not fit...

Therefore, my goal is to help you figure this out, to learn and know your true self, and thereafter realize and identify which people may be a better potential fit for you based on your core values as well as those necessary elements we all desire in a mate.

In The Workshop  I'll be your guide on what promises to be an incredible journey of exploration and self discovery as you examine your life in context with learning and understand where you may have gone wrong with past relationships and how you ended up being one of the walking wounded. Together we'll  develop a new blueprint for finding, building and sustaining a healthy, long term love relationship.

This year I have shortened The Workshop to 4 weeks and have limited the group size to 10 smart daters so that I may devote more attention to each attendees specific needs and so we may have more time to collaborate and discuss pertinent issues during our time together.  Since we will have fewer sessions this year, I will also be offering optional  "Intensive Personal Dating Assessments",  that I have detailed below.  So I encourage you to join us on this informative and inspiration journey of empowerment by registering below. 

I hope you will enjoy learning and employing the tools and techniques as much as I have enjoyed creating and bringing them to you towafrd helping you find true happiness with your life partner! 

Gina Schuchman, MSW, LICSW

iDateSmarter. The WorkShop
Does investing 4 Saturday mornings for 12 hour of expert mentoring in          exchange for a lifetime of happiness with your ideal partner seem like               a fair trade off?

If you are like thousands of other single people desiring and seeking a healthy and fulfilling relationship with a perfect partner, you don't need to give can happen for you! In 4 short weeks you too can proclaim "I...DateSmarter!"

Two years in the making and presented by Gina Schuchman, MSW, LICSW,  "IDateSmarter : the workshop"  is not just another "who to date" program. It is the definitive "how to date smarter" blueprint! 

With over 30 years experience as a relationship coach and therapist, Gina brings her wealth of counseling experience working with individuals, couples, and groups to this breakthrough workshop that will prepare you as never before to break the chain of costly, failed relationships. You can date smarter and find your perfect life partner without settling for less than you deserve or compromising your values! 

In " IDateSmarter.  The Workshop"  we'll cover my "Cornerstone Principles" toward...

*  Understanding Yourself -  Before you can make good choices you have to know yourself and what baggage you bring to your relationships as well as what unfinished business you keep trying to work out in them.  What's your part? What are the patterns you have developed?  What are the Red Flags you've been ignoring?  Who do you want to be as a person, as a partner?

Picking A Partner - We will spend time getting more clear and realistic about what kind of partner you are looking for so you are not too idealistic and  you don't "just settle."  What kind of relationship do you really want? What relationship is right for you? Is fantasizing  about the "man or woman of your dreams" a realistic goal or the beginning of yet another relationship nightmare?  Can you learn within two dates whether a relationships is worth investing in? When should I bail?

*  Detailing The "Dating Contract" -  We will help you assess your goals, develop a "template for dating smarter", help you design your personal contract for how you will date in the future, and help you create an effective IDateSmarter online dating profile 

Receiveing Ongoing Support & Mentoring. Hopefully, at the conclusion of the workshop you'll have developed some new friendships and will utilize this new support network of trustworthy IDateSmarter graduates as a resource to give you honest and direct feedback about your dating experiences.

In addition... I will be offering  "Intensive Dating Evaluation & Assessments", or "IDeA's", a series of four (1) hour 1-2-1 skype or in person sessions at 50% off my standard hourly rates to anyone who completes the workshop and desires specific ongoing mentoring along their dating journey. In these sessions, we will drill down deeper into your  specific situation and refine a guide you can incorporate into the workshop template.  

Special Bonus Offer

                  Divorcing Diva's "Happily Ever After" Conference DIscount

Anyone attending the conference who enrolls into the workshop before or during the "Happily Ever After" conference will receive a 25% discount or $200 off the standard workshop price of $600.  However, I only have 10 spots open for the workshop, so don't delay!   All course study materials included!

(Pay in advance by check or call me at 952.835.1616 to arrange for credit card processing)


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