Saturday October 12, 2013 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT
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NRA National Defense Match Sat Oct 12th - Advanced Level 


Watch a video of an example NDM shot at PNTC earlier this summer.  Note: Rules and course of fire for the NDM Basic level event at PNTC in October are somewhat different from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbYks8T5c1I 

The NRA, with coverage provided by American Rifleman and NRA Publications, is covering its "National Defense Match"  at PNTC on Sat Oct 12th & Sun Oct 13th. The match has thre levels, Basic, Advanced & Championship. Basic & Advanced are held on Saturday Oct 12th and have different start times as esplained below. Basic & Advanced matches begin at 9AM Saturday Oct 12th, with match check in starting at 8AM both days at PNTC HQ. The NDM has three levels, all of which will be occurring at PNTC Sat Oct 12th and / or Sun Oct 13th. NDM levels, overall requirements and registration information are listed below in the registration form.  

Note Key Safety Rules For this Match:

In addition to safety rules required by the NRA, PNTC requires that all competitors:

- Attend the NRA Safety Brief conducted prior to the morning, mid-day, or afternoon time slot that you register for.

- Properly check in at PNTC HQ and receive wristband and scoresheet.

- Upon arrival, keep rifles cased! Ensure actions are open, and chamber flags are inserted prior to arrival. If you do not have a chamber flag, PNTC has these for a small fee. Ensure this chamber flag is inserted into the rifle's chamber prior to arriving at the range area.

- DO NOT uncase firearms and or handle firearms at your vehicle or off the firing line. A PNTC Range Officer will give you the command to bring your firearm to a "Safe Area" for unbagging and proper clearing and safety inspection. 

- Children under 10 years of age are not permitted to attend this event.

- No alcohol, drugs, intoxicated people, felons or any person who is not permitted by law to use or operate firearms may attend this or other events at PNTC.

- No steel core, tracer or armor piercing ammunition may be used. If a magnet sticks to your bullet it may NOT be used in this competition. 

- PNTC reserves the right to remove any person for unsafe and or inappropriate behavior at any time.

Note: PNTC has .223 & 308 ammunition for sale for shooters in this event. Ammunition may be purchased online when registering. Also, pre-payment to register for and shoot in this match is required.

NDM Overview - The NRA National Defense Match (NDM) is a program of shooting events with various levels designed to develop and test defensive rifle skills with AR-15s and other modern general purpose semi-automatic, detachable magazine rifles. NDMs are designed for people of nearly all skill levels, and there are categories of participation for rifles with iron sights and optics, with any safe trigger and a manually operated mechanical safety, regardless of barrel length. They’re intended to pose marksmanship and rifle handling challenges that relate to what a person might expect to encounter in a defensive situation, including firing and reloading in a variety of positions, from different distances, testing both the accuracy and the speed of shots.

Note: Shooters may advance from the basic level by various means which will be discussed when the official NDM rulebook is published in 2014.  NDM matches at various levels will be held throughout the United States in 2014. Shooters are NOT required to be an NRA member to participate in their initial NDM at PNTC. However, after shooting in one NDM at PNTC, a shooter must be an NRA member to enter a subsequent NDM at our facility, and must show his/her NRA membership card at registration or in the electronic registration. 

Join The NRA NOW: http://membership.nrahq.org/default.asp?campaignid=XR026279

NDM Match Level Descriptions & Requirements 

NRA NDM Advanced Level: Match Description - Official NRA RSOs and Match Directors will conduct this match.  The advanced level event is intended for shooters who are experienced in action-type rifle competitions, requiring you to change firing positions, move from one firing point to another, and reload against the clock. The event will have multiple stages set in separate shooting bays on the PNTC Liberty Range.  Shooters will be broken down into squads supervised by and "NDM RSO." Shooters will be explained the course of fire. Scoring will be based on time plus penalties. All stages’ totals will be added together to determine an overall match time total per shooter.  

NRA NDM Advanced Level Match Prerequisite, Firearm, and Overall Gear Requirements: All shooters must be safe rifle shooters and have a higher level of experience than a novice. Shooters must use a semi-automatic, detachable magazine rifle, (cartridge is limited to .30 cal maximum and .223 minimum). Other required items: Chamber Flag, Sling, 4 magazines, 100 rounds of ammunition. It is advisable to bring 120 rounds. Shooters must also use a semi-automatic, detachable magazine rifle, (cartridge is limited to .30 cal maximum and .223 minimum). Other required items: Chamber Flag, Sling, 4 magazines, 100 rounds of ammunition. It is advisable to bring 120 rounds. 

Date & Time: Saturday 9AM - 4PM.    (AM Squads 9AM - 12PM     PM Squad 1PM-4PM)  Please select one squad and arrive a minimum of 45 minutes prior to start time. 

Cost: NDM Advanced Level Match Fee:  $25 PNTC Members $30 Non-Members