Sunday 10/13/2013 from 12:30-4:30 PM

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Edgewood Arts Center 
3415 8th Street NE
(1 block from Brookland Metro)
Washington DC, DC 20017

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Terence McPartland 
DC Judo - JudoFlex Program - Biomechanics of Judo 

Biomechanics of Judo: Intelligent Groundwork - Using your Core to Improve your Guard and Sweeps

Intelligent Groundwork explores creating empowered balance, core strength and mobility through "labs" that explore the abdominals, the diaphragm, the hip and pelvic muscles. Students learn to engage more muscles and build power in the guard without strain. Through a series of challenging biomechanical exercises, students explore where they are and where they can be in terms of mobility and power. The goal is to make changes that can be applied on the mat immediately.

The workshop is about the biomechanics of the body using the Feldenkrais Method. We won't be doing five variations of an elevator sweep or the latest sensational Youtube moves. We will work on your body, your balance, your hips, pelvis, abs and legs. Your strategies of movement.

The work is neither straining nor stretching but re-organizing the way you move to get maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Your brain may be more tired than your muscles when you are done! While we will present the work in the context of Judo, each segment is equally valuable to jujitsu players, other martial artists as well as dancers and athletes. Have a friend who appreciates the movements of falls but doesn't want to take falls at a regular class? Invite them to join us on Sunday.

The workshop focusses on developing power in the guard position. We explore moving from the "sit bones" and engaging abdominal muscles to support balance, breathing, and mobility in the guard. We work on the keys to coordinating mobility and strength to improve the ability at make and take opportunities quickly.

Participants leave with take-home exercises like the "Propeller" that works both strength and abdominal coordination at the same time in the same position you will be rolling in!

Please join us in the second workshop of the Fall season!

null Terence McPartland leads the Biomechanics of Judo workshop. He has studied the body and movement since starting Judo in 1971. He is a 3rd degree black belt in Kodokan Judo and teaches, studies, and coaches Judo at DC Judo. He studied voice, acting, theater, and circus arts as a youngster and studied sacred dance for many years.

Terence is dedicated student of Awareness Through Movement and the Feldenkrais Method™ which has its roots in Judo. He is a certified ATM teacher and continues to deepen his study of this fascinating approach.

Contact Terence for questions or more information.