Saturday October 26, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT
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Unity Boston at Christ's Church Longwood 
70 Colchester Street
Brookline, MA 02446


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Unity Boston 

Knowledge is Power: 

Understanding Relationships Through Astrology

This workshop will help you to identify any unresolved love issues from your past so that you can move on with your love life, free of any negative influences from your past that have prevented you from experiencing healthy relationships. Fears, insecurities and blockages to happiness will be examined in your astrological chart.


Linda Simons 

Course Outline: We will look at the planet Saturn, the Great Teacher, which is also the source of restrictions and limits that we place on ourselves in our relationships.  We will also look at Jupiter, the Great Benefic, which indicates karmic gifts and talents.  Jupiter describes the material as well as the spiritual rewards in this life that you have accrued from past good deeds. 

  • The north and south nodes of the moon will be analyzed because they represent the doorways from the past life to the present and the soul’s mission in this life.  Love-related goals are an integral part of the north nodes’s path in this life and the south node represents our karmic emotional habits or default patterns.  Retrograde planets will also be examined if present to determine if past love experiences were so traumatic that they are seriously impacting your current life.  Aspects to Saturn, Jupiter and the nodes of the moon will be interpreted.  
  • We will also look at the asteroid Juno which has an influence similar to Venus.  Juno rules the soul mate, the wife, marriage and commitment.  In the natal birth chart it indicates what we are looking for in a mate or marriage partner.  It indicates what type of soul mate we attract and defines that person.  What type of marriage partner we need and who we will attract. More importantly, who is our soul mate? 

The student can expect to gain from this class the knowledge and understanding of patterns in relationships that have blocked fulfillment and happiness.

Linda's Bio:

Linda Simons is a Spiritual Counselor and Healer who has been using her intuitive gifts as a psychic for over 30 years. She has been doing astrological readings since 1987 and studied with Frances McEvoy. Her astrological interpretations help people recognize their talents, skills and resources while providing powerful insights into their problems. She firmly believes that the astrological chart can provide a wealth of information on the patterns of behavior in relationship and that this knowledge can be a valuable tool in achieving healthier relationships. Linda is also a Reiki Master and has taught psychic development and astrology classes privately and at Newton Community Education.

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Format: Lecture, Participation, Copy of Astrological Chart and Handouts

Cost:      $20.00 pre-registration prior to 10/24/2013    –    $25.00 on day of event