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Best Practices for FCS Instructors Participating in IEP Meetings
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The number of students with disabilities in today’s classroom is rising. And that means more teachers will be required to participate in Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings.

As Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) and Career and Technical Education instructors, we often struggle with IEP meetings--how they work, how to prepare, how to comply with the law while not shortchanging the student.  We may even dread them.

Yet we know intuitively that if the outcome of the IEP meeting is not optimal, the entire system suffers. Teachers get frustrated. Students are not able to reach their potential. Parents worry.

It is a high-stakes proposition . . . with a low-level of expertise among some of those attending. Many of us have never been trained for this complex yet vitally important aspect of specialized education.

Learn how you can become a more effective contributor to the IEP process. This webinar will give you the tools you need to enter your next IEP meeting fully prepared and empowered to speak confidently for everyone involved and ensure the best outcome.

Gain valuable information at this educational webinar (1.5 PDUs):

Best Practices for FCS Instructors Participating in IEP Meetings

Presented by Lakshmi Mahadevan, PhD and Rick Peterson, PhD, LMFT, CFLE

Archived Recording:  90-minute program

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In just 90 minutes, you will gain tremendous insight while the presenters cover: 

  • An executive overview of the entire IEP process
  • The top 3 best practices for FCS and CTE instructors who are required to attend IEP meetings
  • The specific role FCS and CTE teachers play in the process
  • Dozens of valuable tips, tools, and resources you can employ to become more effective contributors
  • The mechanics of making transition-related decisions in IEP meetings
  • What you need to know about the accommodations sheet and the IEP packet
  • How to make use of assistive technology
  • How to document what happened at the meeting in case you get called into a due process hearing or mediation
  • The liabilities you may face, especially when signing off for two teachers

 An increasing number of students with disabilities are being enrolled into our programs of study and their diagnosis-related needs present unique challenges to CTE and FCS instructors.  For example, there are safety issues in these classrooms that must be considered at the IEP meetings. Group work may not be appropriate for a student with autism. And this is just the beginning.

Too often at IEP meetings there is a disconnect between what FCS or CTE teachers can teach and what the IEP committee thinks is being taught. . . and this when the student loses out!

The main goal of this webinar is to get everyone on same page.

As educators, we all understand the need for an inclusive setting, but we must also be aware of our right to ask why a student is in our classroom.  This webinar will explain how to do just that while not jeopardizing your career or breaking any laws.

Your role as an effective advocate for both students and your curriculum at the IEP meeting cannot be emphasized enough.  After this webinar, you will be able to effectively describe and list the unique features of your FCS or CTE course using a Basic Skills Inventory, Program Inventory, and Comprehensive Skills Inventory. These tools will enable IEP committees to make informed placement decisions even in the absence of an FCS or CTE representative or instructor at the meeting.

Register now and you will be ready to do your part in ensuring a successful and safe learning environment for all.


About the Presenters:  Lakshmi Mahadevan, PhD, is Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist—Special Populations and Rick Peterson, PhD, LMFT, CFLE, is Associate Professor and Parenting Specialist. Both are at Texas Agrilife Extension Service. Dr. Mahadevan has 7 years of experience in face-to-face and online professional development with CTE educators in Texas addressing various special populations issues, particularly students with disabilities and English language learners. Dr. Peterson has statewide leadership responsibilities for program development and outcome evaluation of parenting and family life education programs.  He is on the faculty of the University Center on Disability at Texas A&M, and is project director for the Special Populations and Career Education Resource Center as well as the Texas AgrAbility project.

Who should register?  FCS teachers, CTE instructors, Extension agents and anyone who wants to improve their skills in preparing for and successfully representing students at IEP meetings.

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