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Pro-Aging Europe Congress 2014

International 4-day Medical and Scientific Program: 
The event of the year in medical therapies to reduce,
slow down or even reverse aging.

Sunday, March 23: Pro-Aging Europe Congress 

7h15 - 8h15      Nutritional and Natural Therapies
- Nutritional supplements that safely increase hormone levels - Dr Thierry Hertoghe
- Natural adjuvent treatment for thyroid disease - Dr Rudy Proesmans

8h15 - 10h15      Aging Women 
Essential oils to improve skin and neurological diseases - Ph. Dominique Baudoux 
- Oral supplements for prevention of premature skin aging by UV - Dr Stan Pavel
- The Aging Skin: The medical therapies that can boost it - Prof. Johannes Huber
- The birth-control pill: Its untold dangers and natural alternatives - Prof. Henri Joyeux 

10h45 - 12h30     Aging Men
Grumpy old men may be testosterone deficient - Prof. Claude Schulman
- Vasopressin/Desmopressin in the treatment of Nocturia - Prof. Karel Evereart
- Erectile function: How to solve all the pitfalls? - Dr Ronald Virag

14h00 - 16h20     Living Longer 
Low level ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation: Mitigating their effects with melatonin -          Prof. Russel Reiter 
- Reviving Death cells: Therapy to end or delay aging? - Prof. Miroslav Radman
- How long can we extend lifespan? - Dr Laurent Alexandre
- Epigenetic and molecular mechanisms of vitality incrase - Prof. Vladimir Khavinson

17h00 - 18h00     Aging Women
- Hormones therapies of female sexuality - Dr Thierry Hertoghe 

(English or French with translation)

Accreditation Requested for Sunday, March 23


March 20-22: 3-days of Pre-Congress Seminar

 Thursday, March 20: Male and Female Hormone Problem-Solving Seminar

Solving all the typical male and female problems from sexual to emotional and physical disorders

Morning session: 

Andrology:  Hormone therapy solutions for male problems

  •        Prostate hypertrophy, prostatitis, prostatism
•        Short penis: How to increase the size of the penis
•        Small testicles: How to increase the size of the testicles

•        Peyronie’s disease; Gynecomastia; Varicocele
•        Infertility; Varicose veins; Stronger beard growth 
•        Male pattern baldness; Sports performance 
•        How to reduce excessive estradiol & PSA levels
•        Treating prostate cancer patients with androgens

Hormone therapy solutions to restore or improve male and female sexual performances

Men: Erotic fantasies, pheromones, sexual arousal, sexual sensitivity, erectile dysfunction, coitus, ejaculation, orgasmic intensity, premature ejaculation, sperm

Afternoon session:

Attracting a partner (pheromones), sexual arousal, erotic fantasies, sexual sensitivity, coitus frequency

Gynecology: Hormone therapy solutions for female problems

•        Sexual optimization: Dyspareunia, orgasm; infertility 
•        Treatment of menstrual cycle disorders: short cycles, menorrhagia, a/hypomenorrhea,
            dysmenorrhea, PMS, cyclical migraine, swelling;
•        Urinary incontinence
•        Breast cysts, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroids
•        Hirsutism; Small breasts, enlarged breasts 
•        Birth control pill; Hot flushes; cervical ripening 

Treating breast cancer women with female hormones


Friday, March 21: Psychological and Psychiatric Disorders: Hormone and Nutritional Therapies

Safe hormone therapies for psychic disorders: from minor mood changes to chronic psychosis

 Morning session:
What type of mood disorder does each hormone deficiency facilitate or cause?   

- Precursors to neurotransmitters  and micronutrients that may improve mind and mood

Hormone therapies that may do better than traditional psychotropics to treat the following   disorders:

- Nervousness
- Low stress resistance

- Irritability, anger outbursts, negative thinking - Burnout syndrome
- Anxiety, panic attacks
- Social withdrawal, solitude
- Headaches

 Afternoon session:

- Sadness, depression
- Manic depression
- Autism, schizophrenia, schizophrenic tendencies
- Paranoia, paranoid tendencies
- Low sexual desire, arousal, potency
- Dementia: how to reduce the misbehaving, slow down the progression
- Sleep disorders

When hormone therapies do not work: Why and what to do?

Clinical cases: Practical on stage recognition of  psychic uneasiness and disorders based on physical signs of hormone deficiencies

New Evening session : Practical mesotherapy session showing how to reverse face aging, wrinkles, presbyopia with hormone injections.

Saturday, March 22: Obesity Management: Workshop & Meet the International Speaker Session

Achieving weight loss with hormone therapies better than ever

 Morning session:

Short overview of the Endocrine System: Hormones, Hormone Deficiencies and Treatments

          -     How to Control the Appetite

'How-To's - Scientific Evidence and Practical Applications to become slim

  -    How to Lose Weight and Stay Slim
  -    How to Firm up the Body

Diet Management / Weight Loss Programs that work: How to reduce fat mass and weight

Afternoon session:

 How not to Regain the Weight Lost
   -    How to Detect and Treat, Scientific Evidence and Practical Applications

 Hormone Deficiencies and Excesses that produce Excessive Appetite

 Hormones to Reduce Obesity
-    Hormone Deficiencies behind Obesity and What to Do: Physical Exam Session

Obesity - Practical Case Studies
   -    Discuss practical lab test interpretations with hands-on training and on-stage consultations

Meet the International Speaker session



Become a WOSAAM Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine

The World Society of Anti-aging Medicine (WOSAAM) organizes the Anti-Aging Medicine and/or Nutritional Medicine Board Certification in pre-program of the Pro-Aging Europe Congress.

Board certification is the official short certification program supported by WOSAAM. WOSAAM is the main international society of physicians of anti-aging medicine (preventive medicine, lifespan prolongation, and well-aging). To expand knowlegde and offer physicians appropriate scientific qualification, WOSAAM proposes two board certification examinations:

- Anti-Aging Medicine Board Certification
- Nutritional Medicine Board Certification

The Board Certification:

  • Content: Textbook knowledge and know-how to start and advance in Anti-Aging practice.
  • Learning material: Textbook and CD (400€)
  • Review for the exam:  March 19, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm and from 7:45 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Exam: March 20, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (1550€)
  • Location : Location to be determined

For any question or to register for the WOSAAM Board Certification, please contact us at wosaam@wosaam.ws