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Tuesday December 3, 2013 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM GMT
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From Just Using Social Media to Getting Real Results (Advanced Webinar)
Step-by-step training on how to use the top five social platforms to drive new business

Have you been struggling to get real business results from your social media efforts?

Then why not attend this webinar, which is designed to guide you from simply posting on social media to getting real business results from your efforts. 

Hosted by Constant Contact’s team of award-winning social media experts, the webinar will give you the chance to learn first-hand from a team that has built active and engaged audiences across all of the top social networks. The presenters, Tamsin Fox-Davies, Senior Manager, Constant Contact UK , and Kristen Curtiss, Social Media Marketing Specialist, will offer step-by-step training on the top five social networks — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ — and show you:

  • How to accurately measure results, so you know what to do next
  • How to use the next level features and functions of each social network
  • How to use insights to create the right types of content to get attention and generate new business
  • Specific examples of content to use on the top five social networks

This 90-minute session will provide the training you need to take your social media to the next level and develop a strategic plan to start getting real business results that will help your business grow.

Who Should Attend...

This webinar is for you if you're marketing your small business or not-for-profit and can answer "YES" to following questions:

  • Are you already using Facebook and at least one additional social network?
  • Are you posting regularly?
  • Do you want to learn more about other social networks?
  • Do you want to take the next step with your content?
  • Do you want to get real results with social media?

Need a refresher before attending this webinar? Check out our free Getting Started with Social Media webinar.