"HEADACHE ON THE HILL" HOH 2012 February 10-11, 2014




Organizational Members of The Alliance For Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) and American Headache and Migraine Association (AHMA).

"Help Us R.E.A.C.H. The Goal"


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We're asking US citizens to participate in this event. Change for all cluster headache patients, worldwide, is our motivation! 

In 2012, twelve cluster headache patients and support persons joined our DC Advocacy team.  In 2013, nineteen joined our team!  We hope to double those numbers again this year!

Does advocacy work?  You bet it does!  Direct results include quadrupling funding for primary headaches and PTSD.  The  Senate Finance Committee report included specific language for clusters!

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9th Annual Conference

Nashville, TN

 This is one event you are not going to want to miss!  Invitations will be emailed soon!

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Help Make Sure Our Voices Are Heard in D.C.

We NEED more cluster headache research and more effective medical treatments!  Clusterbusters will be joining The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy 7th Annual Headache on the Hill for our third year to meet with congressional leaders on February 10-11, 2014.  Together we will push for increased funding for headache research and better policies for all headache patients. 

Three Ways YOU Can Make a Difference!


Make YOUR voice heard!   We need people from as many states as possible to join us in D.C.. Do you think we need more reasearch and better treatment options for cluster headaches? We are inviting people with a story to tell and a passion for making a difference in the lives of cluster headache patients to join us in D.C..

Hurry!  Deadline to register to participate in "Headache on the Hill" is January 9, 2014!  This is to allow ample time to schedule appointments with representatives and senators.   Important: You must register with both The Alliance and with Clusterbusters to participate (Clusterbusters registration link is located at the bottom of the page). 

The Alliance is offering one night of FREE lodging per participant (see registration form below for details).

REGISTER WITH THE ALLIANCE HERE                                                                          (Must be completed by January 9, 2014.  Please continue to bottom of this page to complete Clusterbusters registration)

In addition, Clusterbusters is offering a limited number of partial travel sponsorships. Participation in HOH shall not be relliant upon receipt, but rather enhanced by the limited funds awarded. This project is a collaborative effort of cluster headache patients for cluster headache patients to ensure we all share in both the costs and the benefits by having as many "voices" on the team to D.C. as possible! 

CLICK HERE FOR TRAVEL SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION                                                               (Sponsorship applications must be received by January 1, 2014)


Watch for our event updates to participate in the "Advocacy Letter" campaign.  We urge everyone to participate! . Our goal is to send a strong message to all representatives, nationwide.  We hope to flood the capital with thousands of on-time letters supporting "Headache on the Hill"!


CLUSTERBUSTERS "HOH" ADVOCACY FUNDRAISER                                                                   (You become an advocate when you share with family and friends)                                                                   

Your tax deductible donations are not only appreciated, but essential to our continuous research, education and advocacy efforts.  Clusterbusters works hard to advocate on behalf of ALL cluster headache sufferers - regardless of their method of treatment.  Thank you for supporting our efforts!


Register with Clusterbusters using the button below...

After receipt of your information, our Advocacy Team will email you additional trip details.  Remember, there are 2 registration forms.  One with Clusterbusters (below) AND with The Alliance (above).  We look forward to another great trip with you!


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 Questions? Email us at advocacy@clusterbusters.com