This three hour webinar is held conveniently over two 1.5 hour sessions.

January 29 and February 5, 2014, 10:00 - 11:30 AM (PST)


$80 incl. HST/GST


Stay afterwards for a free Q&A session with Kylie on any evaluation topic you wish.


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Kylie Hutchinson is a trainer and consultant to not-for-profits specializing in the areas of program planning and evaluation.  She regularly delivers this workshop at the AEA and CES conferences, AEA Summer Evaluation Institute, and AEA eStudy.  

Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation assists organizations to deliver their programs and services more efficiently and effectively.  We believe that excellence in program planning and evaluation leads to stronger organizations and positive change in our community. For more information click here.

An Executive Summary is Not Enough:

Alternative Reporting for Evaluators

Traditional evaluation reports often end up on the shelves of many decision-makers collecting dust.  Reporting is an important skill for evaluators who care about seeing their results and recommendations actually implemented.  In this webinar learn how to turn your findings into something more useful and meaningful that calls people to action.

You Will Learn

  • the role of reporting in good evaluation practice
  • 3 principles for effectively communicating your evaluation results
  • at least 3 alternatives to writing a final report.

Who Should Take this Webinar

Professional evaluators and individuals tasked with doing program evaluation in their organization. 

What Past Participants Have Said

"The presenter makes all the difference, and I think you do an incredible job of keeping people engaged."  

"Here is your e-hug!  I really enjoyed the webinar – though it makes me nervous because now I will have no excuse to continue making icky power point slides and writing dense reports no one wants to read (but me!)."

"Thanks again for your presentation today. I plan to use a few of your tips about PowerPoint presentations in an upcoming presentation to our funder. I particularly love your note card technique!"  

"By far one of the best webinars I have seen! Great ideas and also validated some of the things I am doing right now!" 

"I LOOOVED your presentation today.  I already have added a bunch of actionable tasks to my to-do list based on today’s session.  It’s great to be able to instantly use information presented—not typically the case with many webinars I attend."

"Great example of how to make a boring topic interesting!!"  

“I thought it was an excellent presentation! Lots of food for thought on how I can improve my reports and presentations.”  

“I enjoy these quick courses and use them to keep myself up to date and as I pay for them myself - they are affordable.”  

Webinar Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 3 business days prior to the webinar will be refunded minus a $5 PayPal transaction fee.  If you are unable to attend the webinar you may transfer the registration to another individual.