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Identity Theft:  The Latest Scams,
Emotional Consequences, and How To Protect Yourself
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Identify theft is on the rise, with 9.1 million victims every year.  And the thieves are getting more creative, probing into our digital lives, our financial transactions, our mail …. even our medical records.

Consumers today must keep one step ahead of the criminal mind.  With simple changes in our routines and knowledge of the latest strategies for prevention, identify theft can be avoided.

But what if the damage is already done? How can you help victims cope with this pernicious crime?  Little is understood about how identity theft affects individuals beyond financial damages.

Learn about the social, physical, and financial consequences as well as three new forms of identity theft emerging today—including stealing one’s medical records. 

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Identity Theft:  The Latest Scams, Emotional Consequences, and How To Protect Yourself

Presented by Axton Betz-Hamilton, PhD

Archived Recording:  90-minute program

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We live in the Information Age—and that means our personal information is easily accessible, whether in print or digital form.  Where we shop, what we buy, what our credit rating is, what sites we visit on the Internet—this is all valuable data for someone who wants to steal another individual’s identity for personal gain or simply to inflict emotional pain.

It often takes up to a year and some 300–700 hours of phone calls, affidavits, post office visits, and legal guidance to untangle the destruction of identity theft.  The emotional toll is far greater—a severe loss of trust, physical reactions such as insomnia, and life-long stress.

One of the fastest growing types of identity theft is medical identity theft. Dr.  Betz-Hamilton (a victim herself of identity theft) will share shocking examples such as how women are having babies under another person’s identity and why.  Medical insurance and medical records are now extremely valuable—and vulnerable—assets that must be protected.

In just 90 minutes, you will learn: 

  • How to distinguish between the various forms of identity theft (financial, medical, familial, child)
  • The emotional, physical, and social consequences of identity theft victimization
  • The current top motivations nationwide for committing identity theft
  • How to protect yourself and those around you from becoming identity theft victims

Dozens of strategies for preventing identity theft will be presented along with products you can use such as the best type of shredder (they are not all the same!), virus protection, apps, system scans, and others. 

More key take-aways from this information-packed webinar:

Why social media is a potential gateway to identity theft, and what three pieces of information thieves are looking for on these sites

  • Spyware that hackers use and how it works
  • How identity theft can affect your credit history
  • Smart strategies for your smart phone
  • The danger of free credit card offers arriving in your mail box and what to do about them
  • The big business of selling of social security numbers—for anywhere from 50 cents to $100

Handouts, free government information, and other resources will be provided at this webinar.

Who usually commits these crimes? How do they obtain this private information? How can you help victims get on with their lives after suffering the consequences of these crimes?

Get answers to these and your most pressing identity theft questions at this webinar.

About the Presenter:  Axton Betz-Hamilton, PhD, Assistant Professor of Consumer Studies at Eastern Illinois University, is a researcher and expert on identity theft.  She has spoken extensively on this topic, including an invited presentation at the Identity Theft Assistance Center’s Forum on Child Identity Theft in Washington, DC.  She was a victim of identity theft at age 11 and learned the identity of the person who stole her identity 20 years after the crime began.   

Who should register?  This webinar addresses a topic about which everyone should be well-informed.  Teachers, parents, college students, retirees, counselors who work with victims, Extension educators, and college professors and administrators—anyone who wants to learn how to protect their own identity as well the identity of students, clients, elderly parents, children, and those in our communities should register now.

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