Saddle Up for Service.l



Wednesday, December 18

 9:00 to 12:00
297 South Main Street
Training Room

Training Organizer:
San Juan County Sheriff Rick Eldredge
50% Training Grant Coordinator:
USU Blanding Campus Custom Fit,
Timathy Chamberlain
Jeri Mae Rowley, MS




Saddle Up for Service.l

Training room rear of building.
297 South Main Street

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Service Seminar

Customized Workshop for   

Law Enforcement Professionals Only 

December 18th  ~  9 a.m. to 12:00 noon                  

Saddle Up for Service:                                         Law Enforcement Workshop Highlights      

To Serve and to Protect —                                                    the  unique challenges of service for law enforcement

How service in law enforcement is not like service at Disneyland  

  • Our customers are not always right. [But they have rights.]
  • Sometimes we don't want repeat customers
  • The villains in our stories aren't make believe
  • Sometimes we give our "customers" 50,000 volts

    What's "not negotiable" about how we treat

  • Other officers
  • Support staff
  • Elected officials
  • Other agencies
  • The local public
  • Out of state and international visitors

    Serving with Dignity and Respect

        “Let me make this very clear: I believe that everyone in the law enforcement field should treat the vast majority of those they encounter with dignity and respect ... Treating people with dignity and respect, regardless of their character, has far-reaching benefits. It’s how you get a confession, how you get information, how you calm the crazies, how you develop rapport, and often, it can even be a factor in thwarting an attack."

    Lt. Jim Glennon,  "Arresting Communication"

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    Save $20 for pre-paid registration by Friday, December 13.

    Law enforcement can also qualify for a 50%USU Training Grant that will rebate 50% of your training fees:

    $ 70 Standard Training Tuition

    -  20 Early prepaid registration  

    -  25 Training rebate from USU STIL Training Grant 

    $ 25 per participant after USU Training Grant rebate


    Jeri Mae Rowley, Saddle MakerOur Trainer:  Jeri Mae Rowley, Speaker~Trainer~Saddle Maker's Daughter

    This Saddle Maker’s Daughter delights audiences around the country with her well-researched presentations, audience interaction, story-telling skills and unique  [dry and quirky] sense of humor.

    Saddle Up for Service: Law Enforcement! Our training facilitator,  Jeri Mae Rowley,  has provided service training for city and county law enforcement; hotels and tourist destinations, airports and national parks security;  and the federal reserve bank.

    Jeri Mae's seminars sparkle with tales of her family’s 79-year old western store and saddle shop. For over a decade, she instructed college business courses and developed and delivered statewide SUPERHOST customer service training for the Montana State Tourism Division.

    Her clients include an intriguing variety of industries and organizations:  from semiconductors to pet cemeteries; from national forests to international franchises; from municipalities to  multi-media; from drill bit manufacturing to tropical island resorts. Jeri Mae has received state and national recognition for her success as a leader and educator.  More at: