Tuesday February 18, 2014 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM CST
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Bureau of Criminal Apprehension 
1430 East Maryland Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55106

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Sgt Ed Lemon 
St Paul Police Dept 

Sovereign Citizens Training for Law Enforcement 


Training Overview:

Sovereign Citizens Training will equip attendees with the knowledge to recognize and identify sovereign citizens and anti-government individuals and allow for a better understanding of the subculture movement.Attendees will learn the fundamental principles of the sovereign citizen movement, including their ideological beliefs, pillars and doctrines. Identifying possible sovereign citizens through language identification and document recognition will be thoroughly covered. Common criminal tactics, focusing on fraud as it pertains to taxation and property, will be discussed, along with numerous examples of fraudulent documents often used by these individuals to further their criminal goals.
Course Objectives:
 Recognize common sovereign citizen language and buzzwords.
 Recognize common sovereign paperwork often filed, such as: liens, lawsuits, affidavits, fraudulent documentation, etc.
 Discuss and understand basic sovereign ideological pillars and how they relate to our frequent encounters with sovereign citizens.
Attendees will learn how to identify these individuals based on key words often used in conversation and on documentation. Common forms of "paper terrorism" will be discussed along with intimidation tactics often employed by sovereign citizens and how to successfully mitigate them.This presentation will focus on sovereign citizens and their rapidly increasing problematic contact will all forms of government on a local, state, and federal level. Basic awareness of this growing threat and how it will directly impact the daily duties and responsibilities of tax assessors and appraisers will be discussed at length. Attendees should expect a general "indoctrination" into the sovereign citizen movement to help further awareness, recognition and mitigation of this new, and unconventional, problem.
Sovereign citizens pose a direct threat to government because of their sometimes overwhelming use of "paper terrorism" tactics. Forms of paper terrorism discussed include lawsuits, liens, uniform commercial code financing statements, fraudulent property deeds, fraudulent power of attorney, affidavits and apostilles. General daily harassment of government employees through certified and/or registered mail will also be discussed, along with how to mitigate these issues.
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Rob Finch is a Detective in the Greensboro, North Carolina Police Department's Criminal Intelligence Unit, where he has been assigned since 2008. His daily responsibilities involve monitoring, documenting and prosecuting subversive criminal groups and organizations that include sovereign citizens/anti-government Individuals, outlaw motorcycle gangs, anarchists, separatists and animal/earth extremists. Finch has worked numerous criminal cases on a state and federal level that have resulted in successful prosecutions. He is well versed on covert and overt surveillance techniques used during intelligence operations involving these subversive groups and has worked several large regional and national events in multiple jurisdictions.