Dr.Susan Biali 
  Your Personal Invitation to the

Live a Life You Love Exclusive Club (2014 USA/International Edition) 

Do you know that you were made for more? Do you feel overwhelmed and even paralyzed by your options, or by how crazy your life has become?  Do you feel stuck and dream of a life which reflects the real you, a more purposeful, passionate, meaningful, healthy and vibrant life that you were made to live?

I used to be depressed and disillusioned with my life and career. I didn't know who I really was or what I wanted to do...I couldn't maintain the unbalanced pace of my life, and couldn't keep walking the inauthentic path I was on that was killing me. I chose to leap.  I quit my residency, signed up for dance classes, took courses and read every book I could. I took heart-inspired risk after risk, and before I knew it I was living my dream life as an internationally recognized expert in health, happiness and life purpose...and a professional flamenco dancer!

These days I still pinch myself as I'm invited to speak and dance worldwide. I blog for Psychology Today, and appear in major media such as The Today Show, The Ricki Lake Show, The Chicago Tribune, Prevention, Redbook, Martha Stewart Living and Health.  I'm an "Embrace Life Expert" and columnist for Reader's Digest Best Health, Cosmopolitan consults me as a life coach, and I work with clients worldwide. My book, Live a Life You Love, has been an Amazon bestseller in Canada and the U.S., hitting #1 in Motivation on

I know what it takes to change a life. I know about finding purpose, about transforming a passionless life into a thing of beauty, about turning your health around and living with more joy than you'd thought possible. I understand obstacles, fears and doubts and have dedicated my life to helping people like you discover what's possible from here.

Last year I decided to do something very special that I'd never offered before.  It changed my life & the lives of the women who joined, and for 2014 I'm going to do it again:

I'm gathering an exclusive intimate group of fabulous, like-minded women who are passionately committed to themselves, ready to transform their lives on all levels.  We will learn, work, grow, laugh, cry and bloom together (and even go away on retreat together!) as we progress through a custom-designed 12 month program which I personally create and facilitate 

"I would recommend this group to anyone who is on a path to life-discovery!"         - M. Gibb (2013 Club Member)

"I discovered what brought joy to my heart." - Annika T. (2013 Club Member)

Dining out with the fabulous 2013 Club women

  (these are the fabulous    2013 Live a Life You Love Club women - having an amazing time together as we always did!)



 Your privileges as a Private Member of the Live a Life You Love Exclusive Club will include 12 months of:

  • Monthly learning modules, including custom-created reading materials containing cutting-edge information and my very latest ideas and inspirations
  • Monthly self-development worksheets, exercises and action plans
  • Monthly accountability reports/check-ins to encourage your progress 
  • Personalized one-on-one email access, check-ins, and encouragement from me, customized for you personally as you pursue your goals and grow  
  • Group support via our monthly meetings, group-only email interactions, a "secret" Facebook group, and pairing with a "power partner"
  • A monthly Club conference call meeting (by phone or Skype) where we will discuss your unique progress and challenges, brainstorm together and cheer each other on!
  • At least one retreat where we will go away together to relax, rejuvenate and play together*

*costs of meals & travel/hotel not included, members will have input into venues chosen

"I have embraced and honoured the real me – the sensitive, curious, deep, spiritual being that I am.  Accepting who I am has made a huge difference in my happiness." - Sharon Z. (2013 Club Member)

This unique 12 month program is designed to help you with:
  • Finding your purpose and passion 
  • Valuing yourself and believing in your worth and possibilities
  • Getting unstuck, removing obstacles and moving into action
  • Honouring and living your dreams
  • Enjoying more joy and happiness
  • Breaking bad health and food habits, improving nutrition and vitality
  • Understanding and learning to apply anti-aging wellness principles
  • Reversing burnout and overwhelm and enjoying rejuvenated energy
  • Improving the quality of your relationships
  • Exploring and celebrating your natural creativity & more fun and play

You'll not only have the benefit of my personal assessment of and input into your life, but will also enjoy priceless feedback and support from a diverse, intimate, hand-picked group of fabulous women.


We'll work together to give you a fresh perspective on your life, help you see your blind spots, encourage you to be brave, and help you step out onto the path you were meant to walk. I can't wait for us all to celebrate your successes along the way!

We're all very busy, so the program is designed with busy women in mind: all you'll need is 1-2 hours a week at most.  As for our monthly group meeting together (and our retreat), that will be SO much fun that it won't feel like work at all!

"Susan provided endless positive feedback to help each of us realize what really makes us happy, she  made the environment intimate and personal and she was 100% focused on each of us.  The small group was wonderful and we all became so supportive of each other." - M. Gibb (2013 Club Member)

"Our group helped me to be courageous with my future, being just me. I learned to recognize that making a change or taking a risk and being vulnerable brings a tremendous amount of satisfaction & love into my life. One saying we caught on to was ‘forget about perfect, and focus on fabulous!’" - Annika T. (2013 Club Member)

Over the course of a year, you will enjoy: all the custom-designed information, materials, exercises & action plans; the fabulous meetings together; the invaluable support, accountability and partnership from me and the other members AND our retreat escape (and was the retreat ever amazing!)

....for an investment in yourself and your life of just $97/month !

So would you like to join us?  Are you ready to commit to yourself and your life in a whole new way? Is it finally time for YOU?

Depending on interest and my availability, I will create a handful of intimate, exclusive Club groups across the world based on time zones and location.

I personally build each group by handpicking the members I believe will complement each other the most. I am looking for passionate, compassionate women who are ready to embrace life and this process, who are ready to commit to themselves.

If this sounds like you and you'd love to join us, click on the "Register Now" button below to fill out the application form.

We will launch January 6th, 2014 (that's when you'll receive your first reading) the group may fill up before then as it did last year (applications are taken on a first-come first-served basis).  I've been swamped with emails from women worldwide who are interested in joining, so don't delay in submitting your application to avoid being disappointed.

Click on the button below to begin your application. And congratulations on taking this step to honour and celebrate YOU - it will be an amazing year.