First Call: Wednesday December 18, 2013
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

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Wednesday December 18 , 2013 - then 6 more in Jan.
Wed. Jan 22 - Wed. February 26, 2014
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Terry Nicholetti 



2014 New Year's Revolution Teleclass:
Transform Your Fears; Attract Your Clients;
Grow Your Success!

Hey there, girlfriend!


I'm offering a BONUS to the first SEVEN who sign up - a 45-minute coaching session with me by phone or Skype - that a $227 value! TWO slots left!

If your anything like me, you've tried, maybe more than once, to grow a successful career or business. And you know that know that you could make a bigger impact on the world and on your own success (and even enjoy your social life much more) if you could Speak Out more freely and comfortably.

Have you even turned down opportunities for growth and success because of a fear of speaking in public? 

It doesn't have to be this way! Imagine instead that you learn how to Speak Out to your audience of one or one hundred, about your business and anything else that's important to you, with comfort, confidence and even joy. Well you can. I promise.

That's why I'm starting a New Year's Revolution!

The Speak Out, Girlfriend! 2014 New Year's Revolution Teleclass: Transform Your Fears; Attract Your Clients; and Grow Your Success!


  As a former teaching nun, I like to say that my system is "easy as             A,B,C!
  You'll learn how to:
  *ATTRACT more clients when you
  *BELIEVE and BUILD confidence in your unique BRILLIANCE,
  *and CONNECT with others as your CARING authentic self.
Transforming your fears and speaking in public with comfort may not be your reality right now.

It's not your fault! Most courses focus on skills. What I've learned is that we need to focus on Mindset and attitudes first - what's inside us.

Best selling author and spiritual teacher, Sonia Choquette, tells us in her book, Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide You to Fulfillment and Flow

"We want the gifts of our intuition to flow, but unless we engage in the practical steps necessary to make that happen..we remain stuck and more discouraged than ever."

That's why I've developed my 9 Steps to Get from Fearful to Fabulous tm. They've worked for me over the years, and I know they can work for you. Here's what you can do when you follow these steps:

  • Get clear on your intention, the “why” that will become a powerful source of courage for this process.
  • Understand how your brain stores fears and how to release them.
  • Expand your capacity to “sit” with your feelings and move through them. (This practice is also great for stress relief!)
  • Begin learning how to transform limiting beliefs into positive energy. 
  • Describe your unique qualities and talents in ways that empower you and motivate others to want to work with you.
  • Develop an introduction or “elevator speech” that focuses on how you meet the needs of your clients, and forms the foundation for comfortable, effective conversations with prospects.
  • Become more comfortable delivering reports and leading team meetings.
  • Taste the joy of beginning to feel more comfortable and confident when showing up and speaking out.

For more details about these steps, click here:

So what qualifies me to make a difference for you?

 Now I'm going to tell you a secret. I've NEVER been afraid of speaking in public. I've always loved it. So how can I possibly help anyone who is afraid of it? Because I've been afraid of almost everything else in my life since I was a little girl growing up in a chaotic, alcoholic household.

It’s taken me years to learn about the power of FEAR, especially buried, frozen fear, to stop me cold, no matter how dedicated or talented I was. It was that awareness that has deeply stirred my passion to work with women like you who want to overcome your fear of speaking in public.

It’s not that I wasn’t talented, or that my products and programs weren’t any good. I had after all won an award for my How to Fill Your Sales Funnel program that I developed when selling subscriptions at Washington Business Journal. My first book, , was picked up by an agent and sold to Carroll and Graf publishers.

My two one-woman shows, both based on the theme of self-acceptance,  won places in DC’s Madcap Winter Carnival of New Works, selected from over 250 other entries. I even got rave reviews and referrals from my speaking coach, Arnold Sanow, an author who has trained thousands of public speakers.

But as soon as I tried to take something to market, including the GoldStar Magic! children’s book and Family Pen-Pal Kit™ that I published in 2001, something would stop me…cold. I worked really hard, spent thousands of dollars on coaches, workshops and trainings, and I’d do OK for a while, and then I’d get stuck, and I’d be back looking for a “job job” to pay the bills. (That’s how I got my 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing!) So what happened to my ability to trust my talents and reach my goals?

In the early sixties, Catholic schools were understaffed because of a shortage of nuns, and so at age 20, I was sent out to teach a class of 48 first graders. I had no training, no experience, and no teacher’s aide.  I woke up every morning terrified, and came back to the convent every afternoon exhausted.

By the end of the year, I experienced what used to be called a “nervous breakdown” and was sent back to the motherhouse. The blow to my self-esteem from that “failure” was deep and painful, and affected my professional self-confidence for years to come.

My healing journey has been long and challenging, and it’s not over. But with the help of skilled professionals, as well as my spiritual teachers, I’ve transformed my fears enough so that I was able to free up my blocked passion to make a difference in the world by teaching what I’m learning.



Here's one woman's experience working with me!


  I was recruited to be a speaker at a regional conference and I was nervous about presenting to a large group.  Terry helped me to believe that I could deliver a very relevant and interesting presentation. Her system put me in touch with my own competence – and I nailed it! I couldn’t have done it without her.
Pat Hall Jaynes, SPHR, Founder, CEO, The HR Source

                              For more stories like Pat's, click here

So if you want to transform your fears, attract your clients, and grow your success, I would love for you to join the Speak Out Girlfriend New Year's Revolution!


And because I want to reach as many of you as possible, I've decided to take the same steps I use to work with my private clients, and design this teleclass to be affordable by as many of you as possible.

This is the premiere Teleclass, and I'm offering it to you for $97.

Here's what you'll get for this really reasonable investment:

  • You'll attend seven one- hour teleclasses packed with information, tools, and tips for each of the nine steps of the system. 
    • The introductory call will take place on December 18, from 1-2 PM EST. Then we'll take a break for the holidays.
      The next six of the scheduled calls will take place on Wednesdays,
      Wednesday January 8, 2014 -
      Wednesday February 12, 2014
      1:00 PM EST - 2 PM EST 
  • You'll receive emails with worksheets to help you get even more value from your time.
  • You'll be invited to my weekly, invitation-only "Open Office Hours," beginning in January, where I'll be eager to answer all your questions.

And because the Law of Dimishing returns says that what we put off, often doesn't get done, even if we want it to, I'm going to sweeten the pot:

I will offer a 45 minute private coaching call to the first seven people who register for the 2014 New Year's Revolution Teleclass...that's a $267 value!

I hope you will join us!  

Happy holidays!

Much love and many blessings,

PS. I almost forgot to tell you...I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not absolutely thrilled with the results of your participation in the 2014 New Year's Revolution Teleclass. The only thing I ask is that you do all of the activities and assigments...because that's the only way that the 9 Steps are going to work for you.

Yes! I'm ready to get started now!